Mainframe Database Administrator

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  • Generate and administer IDMS’s CV/DC/UCF Systems
  • Administer IDMS’s Central Version and Local Mode Operation
  • Perform IDMS journal management
  • Provide performance analysis and troubleshoot system problems
  • Provide diagnostic analysis of IDMS’s DC, DB, and UCF environments
  • Provide assistance to application developers with IDMS’s Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Perform online query database navigation
  • Provide data integrity and dictionary security
  • Perform logical and physical database design
  • Perform backup and recovery procedures for all IDMS databases
  • Create data structure diagrams
  • Navigate and compile objects using Data Dictionary Definition Language (DDDL)
  • Create database schema, DMCL and subschema definitions


Job Description:

  • Experience in CA IDMS database administration and maintenance.
  • Experience with CV/DC/UCF system generation.
  • Experience with Central Version and Local Mode operation.
  • Experience developing and maintaining backup and recovery procedures.
  • Experience with Data Dictionary Definition Language (DDDL) compiler as well as schema and subschema definitions.
  • Experience with IDMS journal management.
  • Experience with IDMS Data Manipulation Language (DML).
  • Experience with data integrity and dictionary security.
  • Experience data structure diagraming
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related discipline

Duration: 30 Months

Posted On: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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