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Absolute Staffing & Consulting Solutions - Queens Village, NY

TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT, September – December 2023


On behalf of a client, Absolute Staffing & Consulting Solutions is seeking a field data collection person in each of the following areas: Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens for the New York City Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS). The NYC- YRBS documents the prevalence of priority health risk behaviors among students in grades 9-12. The YRBS is sponsored by the City of New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH).


Training for the YRBS will occur in mid-September at the NYC office of the client. Data collection will immediately follow training for approximately eight weeks. If you have an interest in the health behavior of adolescents and can commit yourself full-time, you may wish to apply for this data collector position. This is an opportunity to be involved in an important survey on topics of utmost importance to the city. If hired, you will work in various locations around the five boroughs. This position is NOT recommended for students enrolled in fall semester courses that require weekly class attendance.


  • Receive assignments via the Internet
  • Travel among schools in each location to administer a paper and pencil survey to 1-8 classes per school
  • Act as on-site liaison with school personnel
  • May coordinate scheduling and follow-up on non-respondents and conduct makeup sessions
  • Perform quality control on the collected information and package it for return to the survey processing center
  • Complete required web-based documentation for each visited classroom
  • Maintain detailed logs and progress reports


    • College graduate. Ideal for retired teachers, school administrators, and current graduate/thesis students able to work full-time with no travel restrictions
    • Experience working with children, particularly in high school settings
    • Experience speaking in front of large groups
    • Experience in field data collection, survey/social science research, sales, or marketing
      • Computer skills, including navigating the Internet, using web applications, emailing and attaching files, and reasonable typing speed


    • Able to lift, carry, and transport up to 20 lbs. of data collection materials between classrooms and schools
    • Extremely well-organized, with a strong eye for detail
    • Capable of motivating others to cooperate
    • Ability to adhere to strict time schedules and arrive on time and prepared for all appointments
    • Professional appearance and demeanor
    • Have a cell phone for use in the field
    • Have reliable internet access and device for receiving and sending information
    • High degree of self-confidence and the ability to deal with difficult situations in a calm/professional manner
    • Have a valid driver's license and an insured vehicle in good condition that you do not share with others
    • Ability and willingness to travel by yourself
    • Have a valid major credit card, with available funds for travel expenses incurred
    • Ability to read aloud in a clear speaking voice in front of a large group


      Assuming completion of the 2 days of training (Mid-September 2023 ) and acceptable performance during training you will receive pay for 24 hours. For data collection at a school, you may expect to be paid your base hourly rate for 12 hours for one school, 24 hours for 2 schools, and 40 hours for 3 schools scheduled and surveyed in a week. Three weeks at 40 hours, are guaranteed during the study period. The 3 guaranteed weeks may not be consecutive. Travel by rail, or bus, the actual cost of fare will be reimbursed, and mileage will be at .655 cents per mile driven using your personal vehicle, plus tolls and parking.

      Your pay includes compensation for your time to do the following: (1) make advance calls to schools before the date of data collection; (2) organize the survey materials before going to the school; (3) travel to and from the school; (4) meet with the school contact and teacher(s), and survey students; (5) review the survey materials after the administration; (6) update the project’s case management system with collection details; (7) return the data collected to the designated ICF office; (8) follow up with the school about the return of make-ups, missing classes and/or forms; and (9) maintain communication with your supervisor.

Posted On: Tuesday, August 22, 2023

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