Aircraft Electrician I

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SUMMARY: Will work in accordance with written standards, technical data, and specifications in the accomplishment of daily work. Supervisor or higher grade electrician makes assignments and provides oral instructions. Receives detailed instructions or guidance when new tasks are assigned. As skill progress, performs these duties without close supervision. Work is subject to spot-checking during progress and upon completion to insure adherence to technical orders, modification work orders, and other directives. All work is inspected by assigned inspection personnel for compliance with quality standards.


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Working under the guidance of the supervisor or higher grade mechanic, performs repair and installation of aircraft electronic radio and radar equipment including FM, AM, VHF, HF, and UHF radio receivers, transmitters, transceivers, marker beacon receivers, Omni receivers, automatic and manual loop antennae, automatic radio compass, gyro compass, amplifiers, slaved gyroscope compass, aircraft electronic intercommunication system, high voltage dynamotors, power supplies and control cables, cable harness, control boxes and junction boxes. Removes various avionics equipment from aircraft and replaces with new or modified models; assists in operational testing of all systems and components by removing defective equipment which is forwarded for bench check, repair and/or overhaul by other shop section. Assists in assembling complete avionics system and installing accessories. Assists in installation of stability and control augmentation system (SCAS) and automatic flight control systems. Remounts, installs equipment, modifies systems layout, mountings, tie-ins, etc. During initial test and reinstallation of equipment, assists in troubleshooting entire system, particularly cable harness assemblies, junction and control boxes, power distribution system and conversion accessories. Assists in realignment of antennae to achieve maximum sensitivity to signal strength and/or direction, setting directional antennae to compass heading on compass rose. Assists in overall operational tests of all equipment and systems after installation, works off last minute discrepancies, adjustment of controls and connections to permit inspection and acceptance. Other duties may be assigned in accordance with the CBA.


PHYSICAL EFFORT: Stands, sits, climbs, bends and may work in cramped and awkward positions. Handles objects weighing up to 35 pounds without assistance, and over 35 pounds with assistance from another worker or weight handling equipment.


WORKING CONDITIONS: Works inside hanger in all types of weather. Subject to cold, heat and drafts. Danger of cuts, bruises, scrapes, burns, and electrical shock. Job involves limited assembly and repairs while working under the guidance of a higher graded electronics mechanic. Although assignments cover a variety of aviation electronic components, the individual is working under closer supervision and more specific instructions than required for the journeyman level.


SECURITY REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to pass a background investigation.

Posted On: Wednesday, January 2, 2019

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