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Applied Cryptography Solutions

Join a world-changing security entity that has been building encrypted software since before the first iPhone was released.

This company and team is committed to building secure and reliable software that protects their customers’ data... they build software that is inherently secure.

An industry-unique design philosophy is employed where protecting data is put on par with communicating, creating, and managing.

  • From explicit entitlements in mobile applications to process-sandboxing in web browsers, security is a first-class citizen in all our products, rather than an after-the-fact addition.

About The Team

The engineering team is comprised of passionate and creative people who are committed to the premise that “complexity is the enemy of security.” The problem of security will not be solved by layering on more band-aids, e.g., firewalls, packet inspection, two-factor authentication, etc… these actually add complexity by increasing the attack surface. A fundamentally different approach is taken, by removing the need to trust your infrastructure or your admins through the combination of:

  • Zero-trust systems and applied cryptography
  • Distributed ledger

The platform and applications – built on Go – enable customers to collaborate and communicate securely. Culture is focused on productivity and creativity, with commitment to collaboration with  colleagues across the organization.

Job Description

You will implement security software in Go.

  • Some of the specifications will be already written
  • Other specs will require you to design new solutions or features in partnership with our Security Architects
  • Additionally, you will iterate over our current codebase to improve it and fix bugs

Experience & Skills:

  • You Must Have prior experience in developing applied cryptography solutions.
  • You also should have a desire to work remotely with distributed teams and a willingness to learn the Go programming language.
  • Note: Given the nature of the work, candidates must be US Citizens residing in the United States.

Posted On: Monday, March 1, 2021

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