Law Enforcement Professional (LEP) Afghanistan Deployment

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SAIC is looking for experienced Law Enforcement Professionals (LEP) with a Corrections Background to join their team in Afghanistan. Focus of this vital mission includes:

  • Directly advise the Afghan correctional officers in a detainment center to enforce the rules of order upon the individuals incarcerated there.
  • Advise the Correctional officers who may oversee people who have been arrested and are awaiting trial, or they may work in a jail where offenders found guilty have been placed. The daily activities of correctional officers are typically recorded in a log as they oversee the care, custody and control of incarcerated people in a controlled environment. They are asked to give oral or written reports whenever there is a breach of regulations and on the work done by inmates over a period of time.
  • LEPs assist US Army and Marine units by applying a law enforcement perspective to the execution of counterinsurgency operations relevant to the supported battalion's area of responsibility.
  • LEPs plan, deliver, and lead training on street-level, gang investigative tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) in a war fighting environment.
  • LEPs accompany mounted and dismounted patrols on street-level operations in hostile threat environments within the supported battalion's area of operation.
  • LEPs assist the supported unit's staff in the compilation and analysis of information about organized criminal groups and advise in the investigative direction, attack and neutralization of complex criminal groups and insurgency.
  • Customer requirements upon time of hire affect employee unit assignments, deployment schedules, and individual employee compensation eligibilities.



  • Graduate of a certified Municipal, State or Federal police academy. Certified is defined as meeting the requirements to perform duty as a sworn Law Enforcement (LE) officer in the sponsoring agency.
  • Should have 10-years of experience as a Corrections Officer.
  • Must be suitable for employment in a billet cleared to SECRET.
  • Must be in good health and fitness to deploy globally to include harsh non-permissive environments.
  • Must meet CENTCOM Medical Deployment standards.
  • Must possess an unblemished law enforcement background.
  • Must have strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must be a US citizen in possession of a current US Tourist Passport.


Desired Qualifications

  • Law enforcement experience reflecting the ability to identify and to investigate structure, methods, and behaviors of organized crime networks, gangs, terrorist organizations, drug organizations and/or public corruption.
  • A solid understanding of traditional criminal network structures, operating methods and behavioral characteristics of organized criminal groups.
  • Ability to plan, deliver and lead training on Border Law Enforcement investigative TTPs, including informant/source development, field interview techniques, site exploitation (crime scene investigation), forensics and biometric analysis to identify criminal network activity.

Posted On: Monday, September 9, 2019

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