Essex County College - Newark, NJ

The Board of Trustees invites nominations and applications for the position of President of Essex County College (ECC). Since its inception in 1968, ECC, a comprehensive community college, has served as a beacon for education and knowledge to its community and region. Serving as many as 19,000 students annually across two distinct campuses and satellite locations, ECC addresses the diverse needs of its student populations through commitment to values of excellence, accountability, engagement, and transformational learning. As a federally designated Predominantly Black Institution and Hispanic Serving Institution, within an urban environment, ECC takes pride in ensuring a teaching and learning environment of collegiality, respect and inclusivity amongst faculty, staff, and students. ECC’s mission statement affirms its dedication to academic excellence and the success of all students.

Essex County College (ECC), an open access institution, is accredited by the Middle States Accreditation of Colleges and Schools and several of its Academic programs are also professionally accredited. ECC offers over 70 certificate, degree and non-degree programs ranging from Pre-Medicine to Cybersecurity and Network Technology to Supply Chain Management, allowing students and the broader community to explore numerous opportunities for academic and professional development. ECC also offers transfer opportunities to many 4-year institutions, including Rutgers University, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and New Jersey City University. Additionally, ECC partners with 23 K-12 Districts throughout the county and business, industry and community partners, to provide opportunities for students to earn college credit and to provide customized training.

As an innovator and active community partner throughout the region, ECC has received multi-million-dollar grants which have fueled sophisticated student, faculty, and institutional research and development projects. Partners include the New Jersey Department of Education, the Victoria Foundation, the Essex County Division of Training and Employment, the National Science Foundation, and NASA.

The College’s main campus is in the heart of Newark, across the Hudson River from New York City. The third oldest city in the nation and largest city within the state, Newark offers residents and visitors the opportunity to discover endless cultural, artistic, and educational experiences.

Expectations: Essex County College is seeking an innovative and long-term leader who will deliver thoughtful innovation and ongoing growth by addressing the following:

  • Honor ECC’s extraordinary history and study ECC’s past in order to guide ECC into a post-pandemic future which will continue to provide rigorous and innovative educational offerings for all students.
  • Increase enrollment and retention through a multifaceted approach including enhanced outreach, particularly among underserved populations, and increased student support programs and services.
  • To maintain ECC as the region’s premier higher education institution which will continue to profoundly impact the lives of its students, employees, and the broader community.
  • Provide strong fiscal leadership in order to assure the college’s fiscal health and financial accountability.
  • Manage capital projects, including the rebuilding of the West Essex Campus.
  • Embrace the rich diversity of ECC’s students, staff, and faculty and advance ECC’s deep and ongoing commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) and social justice.
  • Strengthen K-12 partnerships and articulation agreements with higher education partners in order to increase enrollment and provide an educational path for all students.
  • Work in collaboration with all constituents to develop a vision for ECC that will build upon accomplishments and successes and propel the institution toward a future which will proactively meet the future needs of students, the community and workforce partners.

Ideal Characteristics: Essex County College is seeking a leader committed to respecting, valuing, and promoting the ECC’s unique culture and is/has:

  • A motivational and inspirational leader who will serve as ECC’s tireless advocate throughout the region, state, and nation.
  • Experience providing oversight for the assessment of all academic and technical offerings to continuously meet the needs of students and the region’s labor demands.
  • A student focused leader, who has a successful track record of increasing enrollment.
  • Experience developing accessible, holistic student support services including mental health services, transportation, childcare, financial aid, and academic advising to better allow students to meet the demands of their educational and career goals.
  • An economic and workforce development leader experienced in collaborating with business and industry partners and meeting regional labor demands to promote economic equity.
  • Experience assessing and improving online offerings and college-wide technology.
  • Community college accreditation knowledge and experience; both in leading a college through the accreditation process and in serving on accreditation teams for other colleges.
  • Experience in providing leadership in the development, implementation, and review of college strategic planning efforts.
  • Experience leading broad-ranging crisis management situations.
  • Experience working with collective bargaining units.
  • A collaborative leader who will work to increase professional development opportunities for all employees.
  • Dedicated to shared governance and a proponent of the ideals that expertise exists throughout the institution, and better decisions are made when all are invited to provide input.
  • Strong fiscal management skills, a strong financial acumen, and extensive experience providing oversight over large and complex budgets. Understanding of New Jersey’s funding streams from the state and federal government.
  • An entrepreneurial leader who has experience developing new, ongoing, and innovative funding sources.
  • Experience engaging with political and legislative entities at the local, state, and national level.
  • Experience working at urban community colleges.
  • Commitment to working effectively and collaboratively with a governing board.
  • Deep understanding of New Jersey’s higher education landscape.
  • A skilled communicator who will value, respect, and engage with all internal and external constituents.
  • An open-minded, transparent, and accountable leader who leads with compassion and respect.
  • A courageous, transformational leader with a high level of integrity, who builds trust and develops relationships to facilitate the empowerment of employees.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Earned doctorate from a regionally accredited institution is required.
  • Experience serving an open-access and/or minority serving institution.
  • Extensive experience as a senior level administrator in higher education.
  • Higher education teaching experience.
  • Extensive experience overseeing large and complex budgets.


Posted On: Wednesday, May 26, 2021

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