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Chancellor Profile

The Board of Trustees of the San Diego Community College District invites applications and nominations for the position of Chancellor. The Chancellor is the Chief Executive Officer of the District and reports to an elected five-member Board of Trustees.

The Board seeks a leader committed to student success, academic excellence, diversity, equity, and inclusion. The successful candidate is expected to make a long-term commitment to the District and continue the development and implementation of a common vision developed through participatory governance processes in the best interests of all students, faculty, classified professionals, and administrators. The ideal candidate will be an innovative, entrepreneurial, energetic, and proven leader. The successful candidate must thoroughly understand the role and the opportunities of a large multi-campus community college district as well as the dynamics of the communities it serves.

The Position

The Chancellor is responsible for all operations of the District and assures that the District is administered in accordance with the policies adopted by the Board of Trustees. The Chancellor provides leadership and advocacy for the District in keeping with the District mission of supporting and promoting student learning and student success. The Chancellor oversees three colleges and a large Continuing Education program with seven noncredit education campuses. This leader manages legislative, community, and District relations; provides leadership for strategic planning; and assures institutional fiscal integrity and responsibility. The Chancellor provides leadership in maintaining and growing the District’s relationship with labor.

Challenges, Issues and Opportunities in the San Diego Community College District

These topics reflect current Challenges, Issues and Opportunities that the candidate will need to address.

Governance, Leadership and Advocacy

  • Encourage open communication throughout the District and in the community.
  • Continue to strengthen cooperative partnerships with San Diego Unified School District and with institutions of higher learning.
  • Facilitate meaningful conversations around the role and status of the SDCCD police department.
  • Advocate for participatory governance and promote collegiality, staff cohesiveness, and respect among all District constituents.
  • Facilitate and create a unified community and District environment by developing and strengthening relationships among the colleges, Continuing Education, the District Office, and the communities served by the District.
  • Work to further enhance the image of the District by promoting its accomplishments and developing appropriate marketing strategies to enhance the relationship among the colleges, Continuing Education, and the community.
  • Advance the District’s deep and ongoing commitment to equity and social justice.
  • Maintain an active role in issues of regional, statewide, and national concern that impact the District and region.
  • Provide information and leadership to all constituency groups on issues such as the state funding formulas, special funding opportunities, and the community college baccalaureate movement.

Student Learning and Student Support Services

  • Promote and support teaching, learning, and student success; maintain and improve the quality of instruction and services.
  • Support career and occupational education for workforce training and the continued development of requisite student skills related to workplace standards of performance.
  • Fulfill the needs of a growing and diverse student body by working with faculty, staff, and students to initiate innovative programs and curricula as well as co-curricular activities.
  • Advocate equal access, and needed student support programs, for students at risk; propose ways to improve the success of students while maintaining academic standards.
  • Understand and support the role of online education within the mix of educational opportunities offered to students.

    Community Education, Noncredit Education, and Economic Development

  • Advance the state and region’s economic growth and global competitiveness through education, training, and services that contribute to continuous workforce improvement.
  • Facilitate life-long learning for members of the community and meet the needs of business and industry through credit, noncredit, and contract education classes and programs.
  • Support community economic development programs and services of the District.
  • Understand the importance of apprenticeship programs for workforce development; facilitate and expand partnerships with employers in the region.

    Human Resources/Employee Relations

  • Demonstrate effectiveness and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and equal employment opportunity.
  • Demonstrate leadership in fostering an environment of interest-based labor relations with employee organizations based on knowledge and experience in public sector collective bargaining and conflict resolution.
  • Support professional growth and development for all employees.

    Planning, Finance, and Facilities

  • Provide experience and leadership in the continuous review and development of the District’s strategic master plan; support the establishment and completion of individual institutional plans and goals.
  • Oversee, protect, expand, and leverage the District’s fiscal resources through a prudent and transparent financial management system.
  • Develop sound fiscal management practices to address our current climate of diminishing state resources and significant internal budget challenges.
  • Provide leadership and strong advocacy to secure and expand state and federal funding for on-going operations; support College, Continuing Education, and District efforts to pursue state and federal grant funding to support District programs.
  • Demonstrate fundraising capability to secure philanthropic support for programs such as the San Diego Promise and College and Continuing Education Foundations.
  • Provide management oversight and leadership for the District’s long-range facilities management plans; manage the completion of the District Bond programs and the development of possible future bond programs for District facilities.
  • Support and further develop online educational resources (OER).
  • Understand the need to review, maintain, and upgrade equipment and technological systems for teaching, learning, and administrative support in the classroom, in support of distance learning, and throughout the District.

    Minimum Qualifications

  • A master’s degree from an accredited college or university is required. An earned doctorate or other equivalent terminal degree is preferred; AND,
  • One year of formal training, internship, or leadership experience reasonably related to the administrator’s assignment; AND,
  • Demonstrated cultural competency, sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students, faculty, and classified professionals.

    Desirable Qualifications


  • Senior leadership experience in a multi-college district is highly desirable. Leading candidates will have senior administrative experience in progressively responsible positions in higher education, preferably in community college education.
  • College faculty experience is preferred.
  • Experience working with government officials and advocating for policies to support students and higher education.
  • Leadership in promoting social justice, anti-racism, trainings and events which have had a demonstrated effect in changing the campus climate in these areas.


Personal Characteristics and Skills


  • A visionary leader with a high level of energy, who is ethical, authentic, honest, transparent, trustworthy, and committed to equity and social justice.
  • An administrator with exceptional written and oral communication skills and the ability to establish strong interpersonal relationships with internal and external audiences -- including the media.
  • An educator who: is a consensus builder with a management style that is inclusive, collaborative, and enthusiastic; values, supports, motivates, and develops employees; acknowledges employee contributions; and is open, approachable, and accessible.
  • An individual who values and recognizes the importance of professional and personal life balance for everyone.


Professional Characteristics

A leader who:


  • Understands and appreciates the role of the Board of Trustees and is committed to establishing a solid CEO/Trustee relationship.
  • Is committed to participatory governance.
  • Possesses the ability to understand the complex California community college policy, legal, regulatory, collective bargaining environment (internal, state, and federal), and has relevant institutional management experience in navigating such issues.
  • Supports the mission of the SDCCD and the competing priorities of transfer, vocational/technical, credit, noncredit and transitional education.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of multi-college districts and the complexity of credit, noncredit, contract, and community education programs.
  • Is student-centered, committed to offering learning-centered programs, supports student services, and is sensitive to the effects of all decisions on students and the campus communities.
  • Has proven crisis management experience.
  • Will work with District leaders to resolve controversial issues and problems in a timely manner while utilizing input from constituent groups.
  • Engages with community, business, and industry, and responds to the requests and needs of business and industry leaders, while representing the District effectively.
  • Is a politically astute administrator with proven advocacy skills and a solid understanding of local, state, and national legislative processes and issues.
  • Is sensitive to and appreciative of, ethnic, cultural, and social diversity; and recognizes the impacts of structural racism on society and in higher education.
  • Is a champion for social justice with a track record of success working with DREAMers, immigrant students, students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, and refugees.
  • Has experience in the planning, development, construction, and renovation of college facilities.



The San Diego Community College District offers a comprehensive fringe benefits package including medical, dental, vision, sick leave, vacation and opportunities for professional development.Compensation will be based on experience and education. Information regarding the base salary is located at: SDCCD Chancellor Salary Schedule. Note: Historically, base salary increases for the Chancellor have been tied to the Resource Allocation Formula for all employees.

Posted On: Tuesday, September 1, 2020

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