The Board of Regents at Brazosport College is actively seeking its 5th president in the College’s 53-year history who will honor the unique culture, traditions and history of Brazosport College (Institutional Profile) while providing leadership in taking the College to the next level of achievement.

The next President of Brazosport College will find a supportive, collegial, and student-centered environment at this institution. The incoming President will inherit a culture of sustainability, both financially and administratively. Brazosport College is characterized by community support, stable enrollments, and a supportive and knowledgeable Board of Regents.

The President will have an opportunity to nurture the many partnerships between the College, business, industry, and community organizations. The College President will value the role as the face of the institution and be highly connected to the college community and Brazoria County community at large. Maintaining and nurturing strong relationships has been a hallmark of Brazosport College presidential leadership.

The President of Brazosport College will be a visionary, strategic and energetic leader with superb personal communication and listening skills and who is highly committed to addressing the challenges and opportunities facing the College.

Mission Statement

Brazosport College exists to improve quality of life by providing certificate, associate and baccalaureate degree programs, academic transfer programs, workforce development, and cultural enrichment in an efficient and cost effective manner. The Board, faculty and staff are committed to student success and lifelong learning by responding to student needs, creating a dynamic and safe learning environment, and enriching our communities.


The College of Choice®

As the College of Choice®, the Brazosport College Board, faculty, and staff will be broadly engaged in reaching and supporting all students intellectually, socially, and culturally, preparing them to thrive within the global community. As a national leader of student success initiatives, the College will develop lifelong learners and prepare competitive citizens for tomorrow’s workforce.


Brazosport College faces many challenges common to community colleges in Texas and nationwide pre- and post-COVID-19. Those challenges include rebuilding enrollments that were diminished during COVID-19; increasing the number of high school graduates who immediately enroll at Brazosport College following high school graduation; identifying and removing obstacles to enrollment for students of all ages and demographics; providing training to undereducated adults in the service area; and continuing to close equity gaps in persistence, degree attainment and transfer.


  • Support institutional planning as outlined in the College’s strategic plan, Vision 2025. (Vision 2025 Planning Document).
  • Maintain the outstanding organizational culture at Brazosport College, understanding its direct connection to student success.
  • Continue to improve academic transfer, workforce training and baccalaureate degree development by building upon the Pathways framework.
  • Maintain and enhance strategic alliances with K-12 and other institutions of higher education to leverage resources and increase educational opportunities for our region.
  • Embrace Brazosport College’s role as a Hispanic Serving Institution and understand the importance of reaching and supporting students.
  • Continue to engage in the strategies of the Brazosport College Foundation to secure essential resources.
  • Foster existing relationships building upon strong partnerships with business and industry.
  • Bring added value for the community through continued support of the College’s cultural and event venues, particularly through its facility, The Clarion, a world-class performance center.

Ideal Characteristics

  • A visionary leader who supports a culture of trust, shared governance, open dialogue and collaboration that results in the empowerment of all stakeholders.
  • A visible and caring leader with exceptional communication skills that values and respects the characteristics, abilities and contributions of individuals.
  • An individual committed to diversity, equity and inclusiveness.
  • A leader who acknowledges the traditions of the College and builds upon its outstanding reputation.
  • A proven track record as a student-oriented advocate that will be dedicated to the vision, mission and core values of Brazosport College.
  • A leader who strives to achieve the highest standards of performance in teaching, learning and offering services to students, faculty, staff and the community.
  • An individual who has demonstrated proficiency in the development and implementation of a college master plan.
  • A data-driven decision-maker who is innovative, creative and understands how potential changes may impact students, faculty, staff and the community.
  • A leader with demonstrated success in building relationships that result in long standing partnerships.
  • An educational leader with a proven track record of successful interactions with K-12 and other institutions of higher education.
  • An educational leader with demonstrated proficiency in regional accreditation.
  • A fiscal steward who has significant experience, understanding and working knowledge of budgets and financial operations within a community college.
  • An individual with a proven track record in generating alternate sources of revenue, fundraising and successful work with the College Foundation.
  • An individual who embraces technology and supports continued investment in the technology infrastructure.
  • A leader with demonstrated successful experience in working with external constituents such as elected officials, the legislature, business and industry leaders and professional associations.
  • An individual with experience working with a governing board to achieve the goals of the College.


  • Earned doctorate from a regionally accredited institution.
  • Minimum of 3 years, 5 or more years preferred, of progressive, successful experience as a senior level administrator in higher education.
  • Classroom teaching experience in higher education is highly desirable.


Posted On: Tuesday, June 8, 2021

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