Ironworker (Apprentice) - Military Veteran

Adaptive Construction Solutions - Norfolk, MA

A Job that offers a career / no experience required

Ironworkers have a proud history of fearless men and women who built America. ACS is looking for veterans of the Armed Forces who believe they have what it takes to become an Ironworker Apprentice.

Ironworkers build structures and bridges by erecting iron/steel columns, beams and girders. The occupation involves rigging, hoisting, connecting, bolting and welding iron/steel into place. Ironworkers are required to perform multiple additional jobs such as unloading and stacking of material in addition to erecting precast walls and or other composite materials. Structural ironworkers are among the most fearless construction workers.

ACS Apprenticeship

Adaptive Construction Solutions, Inc. (ACS) is a veteran owned and operated company that operates a community based DOL Registered Apprenticeship program. After starting a job as an apprentice, the program provides employer sponsored training that provides industry recognized credentials needed for a future in construction. ACS operates one of the largest and fastest growing Registered Apprenticeships in the nation.

Apprenticeship programs provide apprentices the opportunity to progress from an entry-level position to journey-level status through a combination of related technical instruction and on-the-job training while being employed from the commencement. In addition to earning competitive wages, while learning a skilled trade, veterans may apply to receive a tax-free monthly housing allowance from their GI Bill benefits.

Work Environment

As one may expect, construction is performed in physically demanding and dangerous conditions. These include, but are not limited to; extreme heights, confined spaces, cold winters and hot summers.As a result, ironworkers must be willing to work in austere (strict) safety conditions.

Why Should You Apply?

  • Full time job with employer sponsored training
  • Competitive wages with incremental pay increases
  • Eligible to receive GI Bill monthly housing allowance in addition to wages
  • Opportunities for growth in a skilled trade


Starting at $20-$25 per hour

Candidate Requirements

While no ironworker experience is needed candidates are required to have the following;

  • Ability to work in and promote a drug free environment
  • Able to carry 50/60+ lbs of equipment and lift 100lbs
  • Willingness to work at extreme heights (60 to 300+ feet) and in confined spaces
  • Be willing to travel as required by employer
  • Be reliable and practice good attendance
  • Possess and maintain a valid driver’s license
  • Provide references attesting to a good work history
  • Have completed high school or earned an equivalent
  • Preference is provided to applicants who have served in the Armed Forces


ACS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.




Posted On: Friday, June 4, 2021
Compensation: $20.00

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