Jr. ROV Technician Apprentice

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Jr. ROV Technician Apprentice 


Offshore work isn’t for everyone. Hours are long, hitches keep you away from home, conditions are challenging, but there are significant opportunities to grow into a rewarding career. 


ROV Technician apprenticeship provides an individual (with little or no experience) a full-time job while offering relevant training and experience needed to progress to higher skilled positions


What is a Jr. ROV Technician Apprentice?


ROV Technician is an entry level position off shore that does not require work experience. 

However, a good work ethic and willingness to learn is a must. Technicians are responsible for operating ROV's in a safe and efficient manner, and maintaining and repairing all electronic, electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems and sub-systems associated with Remotely Operated Vehicles including component repair, replacement and troubleshooting


Starting Salary:

$15.50 to 17.50 per hour plus benefits (medical/dental/vision/401k, etc.) and overtime.


Continued Growth

The industry provides significant opportunities for growth. Individuals who meet expectations will continually receive pay increases and position promotions.  


Life of an Jr. ROV Technician Apprentice 

OFFSHORE WORK which is:  

  • Outdoors and indoors, day and night, as well as over/near water.
  • Requires working on or near moving equipment and vibrating equipment.
  • Frequently the humidity is above 90%, noise is over 85 decibels and the light is intense/glare.
  • Potential exposure to open fire/flames/sparks. 
  • Constant exposure to airborne dust, fumes, and gases.   
  • Work surface is stable, height is elevated.


About ACS

ACS sponsor’s a DOL Registered Apprenticeship programs for occupations in multiple industries. Subsequently, ACS places apprentices into positions as Jr. ROV Technicians and assists in progressing these individuals through their new career path. Additionally, ACS works with workforce agencies and community organizations to provide supportive services to individuals starting a new career. ACS is committed to enhancing lives through meaningful employment. 



By participating in an apprenticeship, eligible veterans can utilize GI Bill benefits to receive a monthly housing allowance on top of earning competitive wages and benefits. All training and credentials are sponsored by employers and workforce system. 


Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Operate equipment, vehicle functions, cameras (video and Still), acoustic positioning system, sonar, manipulators (robotic arms), and LARS (Launch and Recovery Systems). 
  • Assist or pilot the ROV including evaluating the environment conditions and hazards, dock/undock from TMS (tether management system), and navigate the ROV by acoustics, sonar and visual (video). 
  • Perform maintenance/repairs on equipment: maintain/ repair electronics, maintain/ repair hydraulics, maintain/repair mechanics, use test equipment, calibrate and align equipment, and perform general housekeeping and corrosion control. 
  • Will use power, video and data distribution equipment including: high voltage lines and transformers, phase, current, and voltage monitoring, ground fault protection circuits, sub-sea cameras, amplifiers, coaxial cables, video monitors, video converters, microprocessor controlled video switchers, modems, line drivers, serial ports, parallel port, termination of both multi-mode and single mode fiber-optic conductors and modems. Oil-filled sub-sea electrical enclosures including terminations of sub-sea tethers, main lift umbilical, oil-filled cables, cable splices and sub-sea rated one atmosphere lights. 
  • Will use sub-sea navigational equipment including but not limited to magnetic compass, gyro, transducer, sonar, altimeter, and associated survey equipment. 
  • Establishes and maintains parts and supplies associated with all electrical and electronics devices. 
  • Integrates and operates ancillary tooling including but not limited to: hard & soft line cutters, pump units, injection skids, water pumps, and associated hydraulic systems. 
  • Maintains parts and supplies inventory associated with all system mechanical and hydraulics assemblies and subassemblies. 



Apprentices are responsible for the adherence to safety rules, and safety instructions from Managers and Supervisors as a requirement for employment.



  • No experience is required. 
  • Work experience performing physical demanding job in challenging work conditions.
  • Basic computer skills knowledge required.




High School or GED required


Work Conditions

  • Work schedule and hours determined by task.
  • Typical work schedule is a 12 hour work shift per day and 6 days per week.  Duration of hitch will be determined by task but may exceed 3 weeks in length.  
  • Must be able to work in inclement weather outdoor, heat and cold
  • Must be able live and work in close quarters and able to spend a length of time away from family
  • Must be willing and able to attend paid required training on and off scheduled work time.
  • Must have reliable transportation and be able to drive to/from company defined hub cities.



  • Initial starting wage $15.50-$17.50 per hour, PLUS BENEFITS (MEDICAL/DENTAL/VISION/401K, ETC.)
  • Apprentice receives regular pay increases as the following are achieved:
  • Gains mandatory experience 
  • Completion of specific training
  • Pass performance assessments 


Qualifications, Competencies and Certification Requirements

  • Must possess a valid driver’s license
  • Must not have a DWI or DUI in the last three years
  • Valid state issued birth certificate required.
  • Valid social security card required
  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Cannot have any criminal charges pending or be on probation
  • Must be able to read and write English
  • Ability to understand written and verbal orders
  • Must not be color blind
  • Must be able to obtain aValid Passport and Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC Card). 
  • Must be able to obtain Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) certificate and SafeGulf training. 
  • Other safety-related certifications.


Physical Requirements

  • The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. This position is considered HEAVY work. 
  • Lift 50-100 pounds. 
  • Work in confined spaces, kneel, jump, run, work while lying on his stomach/back, crawl, and use repetitive movements of the arms and hands. 
  • Differentiate between colors. 
  • Wear PPE for skin protection and eye protection. 
  • Wear steel/safety toed shoes/boots. . 
  • Climb stairs/ladders, stand, balance, stoop, squat, reach, and lift/carry objects. 
  • Twist, sit with back supported, head forward/flexed, head tilted/rotated. 
  • Work with arms extended below the waist, unsupported, elbows flexed, wrist supported and unsupported. 
  • Operate a motor vehicle. 
  • Standing and walking. 

Posted On: Wednesday, August 7, 2019
Compensation: $15.50 - $17.50

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