Military Veteran (HR) Apprentice

Adaptive Construction Solutions - Houston, TX

Career Development Technician Apprentice - (No prior experience is required) Houston, TX

Adaptive Construction Solutions, Inc. (ACS) is a community-based workforce development organization focused on transforming lives through meaningful employment. To meet the needs of participating customers, ACS is currently hiring for a Career Development Technician (CDT) Apprentice. CDT Apprentices assist outreach, screening and recruitment of apprentices, workforce planning, training, and other HR related duties.

Responsibilities of Career Development Technicians 

  • Performs community outreach to source candidates
  • Administers pre-employment assessments for job readiness and personal growth goals
  • Interviews and selects applicants for apprenticeship programs
  • Orders and reviews background checks
  • Maintains employee or trainee records
  • Develops and maintains relationships with community-based organizations, workforce agencies and employers
  • Develops, implements and supports workforce development programs utilizing training models and recruiting strategies to fill shortages in skilled trades
  • Performs statistical analysis of training and recruiting programs to determine effectiveness
  • The ACS Apprenticeship provides paid on-the-job training in addition to the industry training needed to pave a way to a career as an HR professional in the construction industry.

Location: Bingle & W. Little York Rd.

Candidate Requirements

  • Be reliable and practice good attendance
  • Ability to pass a background check
  • Able to work in and promote a drug free environment
  • Preference for veteran applicants

What is Apprenticeship?

For individuals with no or little experience, ACS operates a DOL Registered Apprenticeship for its staff.

The apprenticeship model is leading the way in preparing American workers to compete in today’s economy. Apprenticeship allows an individual to earn while they learn. It includes:

  • Paid Job: Earn a competitive wage from day one with incremental pay increases as relevant skills are obtained.
  • Education: Gain knowledge through structured learning and on-the-job training while mentored by industry professionals.
  • Career: Secure your future by earning industry-recognized nationally-portable certificates and credentials.

Veterans Benefits

Training is sponsored by employers and the workforce system. While earning wages and learning a skilled trade, veterans may utilize their GI Bill benefits to receive a tax-free monthly housing allowance. The combination of wages and GI Bill benefits helps veterans earn journey-level wages while progressing in an apprenticeship program.

Why Should You Apply?

What better profession than to help others land great careers in skilled trades? Every ACS team member comes to work with passion knowing they are making positive impacts on the lives of hundreds and their family members.

  • Gain meaningful employment
  • Paid on-the-job training
  • Receive tuition free education
  • Earn incremental pay increases
  • Obtain industry-recognized credentials.


Starting at $14+ per hour during orientation and training with incremental wage increases as competencies are achieved. Veterans are eligible to apply for a monthly housing allowance as part of their GI Bill Benefits.

Adaptive Construction Solutions

ACS is a veteran owned and operated organization committed to enhancing lives through in demand careers. ACS is a sponsor of Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship programs for multiple occupations.

Posted On: Friday, September 13, 2019
Compensation: $14+

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