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Commercial Real Estate Attorney - Seattle, WA 

Attorney with experience in Commercial Real Estate needed for Franchise practice.

The growing Seattle law firm helps franchisees grow and develop retail units. They need an experienced attorney with 5-10 years experience who can hit the ground running and work with clients to oversee unit development, which means they need an attorney with transactional experience who knows their way around commercial real estate and contract negotiations. They're also willing to be creative - they will consider candidates for full time employment as well as attorneys who would prefer a strong, long-term "of counsel" relationship.

Their clients are typically looking for multi-unit franchise opportunities and need our assistance with purchasing or selling franchised businesses, real estate sales & acquisitions, leasing, development, title work, reviewing franchise documents, and negotiating sometimes complex multi-year deals with franchisors. The ideal candidate has experience with buying, selling, and leasing commercial real estate and can help our franchisee clients through the arc of a commercial real estate transaction.

If you want to run deals, this is a great opportunity. They are not looking to work with someone on a task-by-task basis. They need an attorney with enough experience to take ownership of a deal, help their clients truly understand their options and make sound strategic business decisions. They expect you to take leadership in the form of offering problem-solving solutions.

Finally - and this is important - they cannot stress enough that they value collaboration and relationship building. They want our clients to be around for a long time. They want our clients to have profitable and productive relationships with the people on the other side of the transaction. They want to be responsive to our clients and get their deals done without alienating anyone. They need someone who can think long-term and big picture. There's no point in "winning" the negotiation if the client loses out in the end. So be ready to check your temper and ego at the door if that's what it takes to get the best future for their clients.


Essential duties:

•Reviewing and negotiating all documents with respect to commercial real estate sales, acquisitions, and leases and amendments, representing our clients in purchases and leasing of commercial properties.

•Reviewing title and other commercial real estate documentation.

•Interpreting or drafting leases and contracts.

•Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating letters of intent, memoranda of understanding, and agreements for the purchase of franchised businesses.

•Review and provide advice to prospective franchisees regarding Franchise Disclosure Documents.

•Review and negotiate Franchise Agreements, Multi-unit Franchise Agreements, Area Development Agreements, and Master Franchise Agreements.

•Doing entity work including drafting operating agreements.


 Billable requirement is 1450 anything over is a PLUS. 


Compensation and benefits are negotiable based on experience, contribution, and performance. They make it worth your time and effort to do good work.


Posted On: Monday, February 11, 2019
Compensation: $120,000-$180,000

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