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Averity - New York, NY

Are you a recruiter that doesn't look forward to coming in to work in the morning? There's no excuse for that. It's time to finally love what you do again!


We're hiring a Data Science recruiter for our team: the top-billing, most respected data science recruitment team in New York City.


Start By Reading Our Reviews


First off, check out our across-the-board 5-star reviews on Glassdoor and Google (you know you were going to anyway!): and


Who Are We Anyway?


Are you interested in a sales environment that understands the true value of teamwork? Are you someone that would rather be part of a great team than an individual contributor? Do you want to work with some of New York's and the world's most innovative companies? If so, then keep reading.


First off, we are the top performing, most respected technology recruiting firm in New York. We truly are a value-added resource provider and partner to companies at the forefront of the economy.


On top of that, our employees love showing up to work every day (can you and your co-workers say the same about your company?). We have had no turnover in over a year, most of our new talent here has come from our new hires telling their friends and colleagues that they should interview with us, and we look for new ways to motivate and reward our star recruiters all the time.


Our team here at Averity is impressive and extremely intelligent. The foundation is built by people with years of professional business-to-business, sales, and professional experience in numerous fields including legal, financial services and real estate.


The philosophy here is simple: Find something you're good at and do it better than anyone else. Our hard work ethic coupled with a supportive team mentality has proven to deliver quality with an unparalleled level of service to our clients.


We currently have three teams dedicated to specific technology markets in New York City: Data Science, DevOps and Open Source Web Engineering. We are looking for someone to join the Data Science team.


What’s so Different about Averity?


The difference takes place inside our walls, which is reflected back to our clients and candidates. You’ll never get a “Case of the Mondays” or the "Sunday Night Demons" with us. We don’t treat “work” like a four-letter word here.


Before starting, you’re required to read a book about customer service. We use words like “strategy” and “approach.” If you’re looking for a boiler room, look elsewhere. We believe in positive reinforcement and long-term relationships with our clients and each other.


What Goes On Inside the Walls Day-to-Day Here?


This is not a grind-it-out, pound-the-phone job. We will supply you with the latest tools and technology you’ll need to be successful. We are running on all web-based SaaS technologies and we love our Macs (sorry PC).


We’ve invested an incredible amount into many technology services in order to help gain success and hit the ground running. If there is something out there to make your job easier and more productive, we will use it.


We have been a premium sponsor for major events in NYC, are active at meetups, happy hours, and other in-person events that keep us in front of the community.


Who's The Best Fit For Our Team?


You have been in a B2B environment, sales or recruiting for a few years, or have friends that are in the industry or heard about it. You know there is a better way to differentiate yourself from the rest of your competition while building an elite enterprise client base.


Whether you come from the legal field, competitive sports, financial services or software or pharma sales, we share common attributes that will make you successful.


What attributes should I have?


  • You want to work in a fun, positive, happy work environment
  • You Google almost everything
  • You are an entrepreneur at heart
  • You are competitive and drive yourself to be the best at what you do
  • You have a genuine interest in technology, where it is leading us, and the impact is has on business
  • You’re interested in business in general, including what’s hot, what’s not and why
  • If your answer is “I don’t know” you immediately follow up with “I’ll find out!”
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • You’re not afraid to try almost anything
  • You should love working with Apple office products
  • You consider yourself cool (at least 7 out of 10)


What’s the job?


The heart of this business is connecting people with people. The majority of our client base consists of impressive, name-brand institutions, Fortune 1000 companies, and the companies leading technology innovation here in New York City. You will work with Managers and Directors all the way up to CTO- and CEO-level decision makers.


You will be in the middle of connecting top-tier talent with some of the best jobs in their industry. This job requires you to take initiative, use common sense, and use the tools and technology around you to the best of your ability.


Our client base is extensive and impressive. If you want to work with some of the largest brand names in industries across the board, you will get to: They are waving the Averity flag.


What to expect at Averity?


  • A fun and supportive place to work
  • No micro-management
  • Solid Classic Rock playing in the background -- maybe some House, Blues, Island Reggae or something else depending on the day (and the weather)
  • We have a brand new, 2,500-square-foot office space on our own floor in a building on 5th Avenue (near 34th Street), with tons of natural light, plants, break-out meeting space, etc...
  • We have an in-house masseuse that comes bi-weekly
  • We have a meditation leader come in monthly for guided sessions
  • We offer full gym reimbursement
  • We have an enforced mandatory and unlimited vacation policy
  • Relaxed attire (wear what you want!)
  • Travel (non-business) reimbursement – yes, you’re reading this correctly
  • Too many random perks to count or mention – lunches, happy hours, etc.
  • Guy with a beard
  • Great salary, benefits, 401(k) with matching options, very lucrative bonus structure


Are you interested yet? If so, apply today here or email directly at: 

Posted On: Wednesday, October 9, 2019
Compensation: $100,000 - $150,000

Position Contact
Matt Stabile
Data Science and Engineering Manager
(646) 828-6029
New York, NY
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