Sr Back End Engineer

Averity - new york, new york

We are a passion driven Medtech company partnered with many of the world’s largest pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare firms. Our goal for our programs is to allow patients across the globe to use patented smart pill bottles, each and every day.


What is the job?

We are looking for a strong, Back End Engineer who will contribute to support internal devices and cloud native applications
• Someone who is willing/ enjoys wearing multiple hats!
• Shipping engine, order, billing, microservices
• It is a full-scale operation (SWE, DevOps, Data Eng. exposure )
• Could formalize in a client facing role (platform integrations)a variety of projects including small-to-monolithic services, our partner portal, internal tools and a component style guides.



  • Go in production if possible (at least 1 yr) ideally 3+ years
• You write and maintain the code culture (you are responsible)
• You should know some DevOps and SRE (understand the culture not the experience in general)
• Cloud application experience (AWS, GCP)
• Comfortable understanding Data - writing SQL
• Ruby is plus but not needed (legacy is Ruby)
• Computer science background
• Algorithms and micro-services
• High performance computing
• Familiar with containters - does not have to have K8s
• Docker is a huge plus (K8s would be amazing)
• Distributed systems
• Can run GCP, but are open to other cloud providers
• Help patients get most out of their pharmacueticals
• Be there to support internal devices and cloud native applications

Posted On: Friday, November 22, 2019

Tagged: Open Source

Position Contact
Samantha Hoffenberg
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