Business Development Associate

Averity - New York, NY

Are you in Business Development and don't look forward to coming in to work in the morning? There's no excuse for that. It's time to finally love what you do again!

We're hiring a Sales/Business Development Associate for our team and would love to hear from you.

About us:

We are an authentic and genuine team of people that provide an unparalleled experience to everyone we interact with. Our culture is built on legendary service and teamwork. We work in an environment that promotes communication, collaboration, trust, and reliability. We promote words like strategy and execution. We are transparent and honest. These are the differentiating factors in the way we do business.

Our vision is to be the best company to work for in New York.

Our philosophy is to find something you're good at and do it better than anyone else. We are strategically focused on niche areas within the New York City tech market. We focus on a deep and narrow market as opposed to broad and shallow. This leads us to be more proactive while delivering better and quicker, vs being more reactive to the market demands. We currently have 5 teams dedicated to specific technology markets in New York City: Data Science, Data Engineering, DevOps, Security, and Software Engineering.

What do our clients say?

Check out our across-the-board 5-star reviews on Glassdoor and Google (you know you were going to anyway!): and

Who Are We Anyway?

We are one of the most respected technology recruiting firms in New York. We truly are a value-added resource provider and partner to companies at the forefront of the economy. Our client list is comprised of Fortune 1000 companies that consistently come back to us for repeatable business delivery. We have helped some of the largest companies in their respective industries build their entire team, all sourced from Averity!

People that work at Averity LOVE their job! We have had 0% turnover in over 2 years! Can you and your co-workers say the same about your company? This dedication to an amazing place to work is how we treat our clients and candidates.

Our team here at Averity is diverse, impressive and extremely intelligent. The foundation is built by people with years of professional services, business-to-business, sales, and professional experience in numerous fields including legal, financial services and real estate. Many of our talented people here have come from referrals to their friends and past colleagues. This is a truly unique place.

What attributes should you have?

  • You want to be an impact player on an elite team and will do what it takes to build something amazing

  • You’ll sacrifice yourself for the betterment of the Team

  • You have been in a B2B environment, sales or recruiting for a few years or have friends that are in the industry or heard about it. You know there is a better way to differentiate yourself from the rest of your competition while building an elite enterprise client base

  • You want to work in a fun, positive, happy work environment

  • You Google almost everything

  • You are an entrepreneur at heart

  • You are competitive and drive yourself to be the best at what you do

  • You have a genuine interest in technology, where it is leading us, and the impact it has on business

  • You’re interested in business in general, including what’s hot, what’s not and why

  • If your answer is “I don’t know” you immediately follow up with “I’ll find out!”

  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • You’re not afraid to try almost anything

  • You should have sufficient working acumen with Apple and Google products

  • You consider yourself cool (at least 7 out of 10)

What to expect at Averity?

  • A fun and supportive place to work

  • No micro-management

  • Solid Classic Rock playing in the background -- maybe some House, Blues, Island Reggae or something else depending on the day (and the weather)

  • We have a 2,700-square-foot office space on our own floor in a building on 5th Avenue (near 34th Street), with tons of natural light, plants, break-out meeting space, etc...

  • We have an in-house masseuse that comes bi-weekly

  • We have a meditation leader come in monthly for guided sessions

  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability, Life Insurance, 401k with Profit Sharing

  • Salary and a very lucrative commission/bonus structure

First-year expectations: $125,000 +

Are you interested yet? If so, apply today here or email directly at


Posted On: Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Compensation: $150,000 (Total Comp)

Position Contact
Chris Allaire
(646) 828-6028
New York, NY
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