Aviation Placements - Khamis, 7, Saudi Arabia

The Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) maintains the third largest fleet of F-15's in the world after the American and Japanese Air Forces. The RSAF are defending and protecting critical infrastructure locations and population centers of Saudi Arabia ensuring regional, and global stability for all of its allies including us. Incorporated into the RSAF is an elite group of "F-15 Maintainers" supporting flight operations, maintenance, and boasts an extensive system of training schools. A position in our group provides you the ability to be a part of a great team, gain international experience, and meaningfully contribute to global security.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
• Perform technical Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) of materials, parts, components and pressurized systems
• Interpret and evaluate results of test methods applied
• Maintain equipment
• Supervise non-destructive inspection activities
• Interpret and evaluate tests by analysis of indications such as ultrasonic absorption rate by metallic or non-metallic materials to detect discontinuities and relative depth of discontinuities, variations in electrical characteristics and/or energy losses in detecting and measuring depths of discontinuities or flaws
• Visual results of seepage of liquid penetrant
• Measure fire and heat damage to nonferrous metals
• Identifies by type and quantity the wear metals in fluid samples through spectrometric oil analysis.
• Operates and utilizes ultraviolet, liquid penetrant, eddy current, magnetic particle, radiographic, optical and ultrasonic equipment.
• Operate and perform operator maintenance on non-destructive tests and oil analysis equipment.
• Train Royal Saudi Air Force personnel.

Qualifications and Experience:
• High School Graduate, or higher education
• At least 5 years of experience, of years of which must be at the seven (7) level as Non-Destructive Inspection Technician
• Requires USAF Non-Destructive Testing / Inspection course or civilian equivalent
• Professional / Specialty: F-15 NDI
• Demonstrate proficiency with technical non-destructive inspection functions
• Requires the ability to select and perform technical non-destructive inspections by examination of material parts
• Must be able to operate and utilizes ultraviolet, liquid penetrant, eddy current, magnetic particle, radiographic, optical and ultrasonic equipment.
• Must be able to observe measure and detect discontinuities, flaws and other defects not discernible by orthodox visual methods
• Must be able to evaluate physical state of materials
• Must be able to operate and perform operator maintenance on non-destructive ordinance
• Must have experience testing and F-15 oil and utilizing related analysis equipment



See Job Duties and Responsibilities

DegreesHigh School Diploma or GED Certificate
Equivalent Experience/Education

Years of Experience

06-08 years w/High School Diploma


Benefit Package:

  • Free housing in a secure compound
  • All utilities paid by the company
  • Free transportation
  • Full medical with dental and optical insurance
  • 30 days annual paid vacation
  • 11 paid holidays (5 Ramadan, 5 Hijjah and 1 national day)
  • Tax Free




Posted On: Friday, November 2, 2018

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