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Egress System Maintenance

Aviation Placements - Riyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia


Installs, inspects, repairs and modifies aircrew egress systems and related support equipment; and supervises aircrew egress systems maintenance activities.


(1) Solves installation and maintenance problems by studying schematic diagrams, wiring diagrams and appropriate technical publications. (2) Interprets installation, maintenance and safety policies related to egress systems. (3) Diagnoses malfunctions and maintainability difficulties and recommends corrective action by initiation of required reports, proposed modifications or other appropriate means. (4) Devises maintenance procedures pertaining to aircrew egress systems and related support equipment. b. INSTALLS, REMOVES, REPAIRS AND MODIFIES EGRESS SYSTEMS:

(1) Performs installation, repair or removal of critical components such as initiators, simulators, pre-egress and egress controls and linkage, down locks, up-locks, inertia reel, seat positioning and actuator mechanisms, catapults and thrusters. (2) Conducts detailed tests of replacement, repaired or installed components and performs functional tests of applicable egress sub¬systems using bench mockups, test kits, inertia reel testers and other related test equipment. (3) Performs corrosion control. c. INSPECTS ABRCREW EGRESS SYSTEMS:

(1) Performs routine and special inspections for security serviceability and currency of associated safety equipment, containers and release mechanisms. (2) Inspects seat actuators, initiators, positioners, thrusters, catapults and rails. (3) Performs safety inspections of ballistic components and actuators before all maintenance on associated release mechanisms to ensure proper installation of required safety devices and de-arming of ballistic initiators. (4) Performs post maintenance inspections to ascertain that egress systems are in proper functional configuration. d. SUPERVISES AIRCREW EGRESS SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL:

(1) Plans and schedules work assignments. (2) Establishes work methods, production controls and performance standards. (3) Ensures availability of required maintenance equipment, tools and spare parts. (4) Assigns maintenance functions to subordinates and establishes priorities for work accomplishment. (5) Evaluates performance of egress systems personnel in terms of compliance with operational policies, preventive maintenance directives and technical orders. (6) Orients newly assigned personnel and assigns individuals to unit positions. (7) Plans and conducts on-the-job training. a) Implements OJT to include development of Job proficiency Guides (JPGs), correct use of training forms, procedures and record keeping, b) Indoctrinates newly assigned personnel in local operating procedures, methods and regulations. c) Evaluates adequacy of OJT and recommends formal training for selected individuals. (8) Reviews training status to determine level of qualification achieved by individuals and units.


Benefit Package:

  • Free housing in a secure compound
  • All utilities paid by the company
  • Free transportation
  • Full medical with dental and optical insurance
  • 30 days annual paid vacation
  • 11 paid holidays (5 Ramadan, 5 Hijjah and 1 national day)
  • Tax Free

Posted On: Wednesday, January 2, 2019

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