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NDI Specialist

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Job Summary

Accomplishes non-destructive testing / inspection of aircraft and components using relevant testing / inspection procedures. Inspects aerospace components and parts by applying the full range of nondestructive testing / inspections, ultrasonic, eddy current, radiographic.




Duties & Responsibilities


1. Inspects aerospace components and parts by use of ultrasonic, eddy current, dye penetrant and radiographic inspections established by technical data. Interprets test results and makes final determination of product serviceability.

  1. 2. Must be familiar with X-ray procedures (digital and conventional) and safety procedures. Able to read film, develop film, and interpret flaws which include internal cracks/breaks, foreign objects, inadequate fusions, moisture, corrosion or missing parts.

  2. 3. Provides technical guidance and assistance to lower level NDI specialists when required. May conduct OJT and classroom training. Works closely with engineering department

  3. 4. Responsible for ensuring work product meets all technical orders and specifications. Must be able to complete required work documents describing inspections completed.

Benefit Package:

  • Free housing in a secure compound
  • All utilities paid by the company
  • Free transportation
  • Full medical with dental and optical insurance
  • 30 days annual paid vacation
  • 11 paid holidays (5 Ramadan, 5 Hijjah and 1 national day)
  • Tax Free





Posted On: Friday, November 2, 2018

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