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Sr. Staff Software Engineer (Backend)

Back River Search - San Mateo, CA

Our Client:

Our client is on a mission to change how companies interact with their legal documents. Founded out of Harvard Law and MIT, they have been backed by leading early-stage venture funds.

Our client works by using advanced artificial intelligence models to help companies organize and understand the important business data contained in their legal documents. With their product, information locked away in documents becomes searchable, and key terms can be surfaced to the right people at the right time. Our client's product can be used across all documents across an organization and helps companies reduce costs and improve their compliance and business operations.

You will:

* Work on a Scrum team in a collaborative environment to build a high-value, enterprise-grade web application
* Design, implement, and deploy thoughtful REST APIs using Django and Python
* Build systems to ensure a smooth transition from the research of Data Scientists into production
* Leverage AWS to help ensure stability and scalability of a rapidly growing product
* Use your past experience to help instrument the backend with application and performance metrics to gain better visibility on the system
* Mentor teammates to help them learn and grow as a technologists and collaborators


Basic Skills:

-5+ years experience working in a software engineering capacity


+Able to use either language to perform Object-Oriented coding Class, Abstract Class, Inherence, Override etc.

+For python, the candidate should be able to know ‘@property @classmethod @abstractmethod’ etc. decorator.

+For Java/C#/C++, the candidate should be able to use interface, decorators, knowing how java’s memory recycling system works. Also the candidate should know what’s the difference between

+Knows how to solve problems in multi-threading way

-Framework skills:

+Knows at least one of the web frameworks including Nodejs/Spring/Django/Flask/Rails

+Knows some details about those frameworks. For example: for django, knowing how django ORM works, and how it interacts with the database.

-Database Knowledge:

+At least knows what’s view, schema, and how to manage database

+How to resolve some problems with database transactions(race condition etc)

Advanced skills:

-AWS knowledge

-Docker Knowledge(used it, and deployed it before)

-Knowledge on design patterns(Factory, Adapter, Bridge etc)

-Knowledge on Computer system(How cache, memory works on Linux)


Posted On: Tuesday, April 16, 2019

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