Project Engineer, Structural Steel

BraveView, Inc. - Atlanta, GA

A well established Steel Fabrication company providing structural steel for large construction projects across the US is searching for a Project Engineer.

Major Responsibilities/Activities:

  • Manage Structural Steel Detailers on a day-to-day basis to ensure projects are being delivered per the contract documents and on schedule.
  • Participate in the Project Kick-off/Turnover meeting between Sales and Operations.
  • Schedule a pre-detailing meeting with the Structural Steel detailer within 1 week of the sales turn over meeting.
  • Ensure that the structural steel detailer has a current set of design drawings and specifications.
  • Develop structural steel submittal schedule as required to support the sequencing and delivery schedule set forth by the Project Manager.
  • Upon receipt of sequencing and delivery schedule established by the Project Manager, generate a submittal/shop release milestone schedule within the central schedule system.
  • Update completed structural steel milestone submittal OFA dates, submittal return dates and shop drawing release for fab dates within the central schedule system on a daily basis.
  • Ensure that the structural steel detailer receives the final agreed upon structural steel sequence plans.
  • Ensure that the structural steel detailer receives the submittal/shop release schedule as required to support the overall schedule of the customer.
  • Coordinate structural steel related design issues with General Contractors, Design Team and Structural Steel Detailers. Propose solutions to problems for approval by the design team.
  • Assemble structural steel RFI’s within Primavera Project Management software.
  • Track structural RFI’s and notify the Customer when responses are delinquent or insufficient. If outstanding RFI’s become schedule critical, notify the Project Manager of possible schedule impacts.
  • Ensure that fabrication drawings & product data are being released for approval & fabrication in a timely manner as required supporting the overall construction schedule.
  • Review structural steel shop drawings, product data and erection plans to ensure compliance with the contract documents and specifications.
  • Assemble structural steel product data, shop certifications, shop welder certifications, shop welding procedures & shop drawing packages for approval by the General Contractor and Design team. All outgoing submittals shall be stamped “FOR APPROVAL” and shall be logged into Primavera Project Management software.All structural steel submittals shall be transmitted to the Customer Primavera Project Management software.
  • Provide support to Project Management when engineering/detailing related issues pop-up in the field.
  • Notify Project Management of design changes that may result in cost or schedule impacts. Send email notifying the Project Manager of the change so that the Project Manager can in turn notify the Customer and the Change Order Department of cost and schedule impacts.
  • Ensure that structural steel detailers receive all design change documents in a timely manner.
  • Transmit “FOR FABRICATION” shop drawings to document control within 1 day of receipt from detailers. Include all appropriate gather sheets, CNC and KSS files with all shop releases. All shop transmittals shall be sent through Fabtrol Pro.
  • Track receipt of field bolt lists from detailers and place all orders through the Materials Department. Copy the Project Manager on all field bolt orders so that they can track delivery to the job site.
  • Transmit “FIELD USE” structural steel erection plans to the General Contractor, erector and Project Manager. All “FIELD USE” erection plans shall be transmitted through Fabtrol Pro for tracking purposes. Stamp all “FIELD USE” drawings in blue beam prior to releasing to the field. All drawings must have a red field use stamp with date prior to releasing to the field.
  • Coordinate / resolve any shop related or field related detailing issues in a timely manner with assistance from the Project Manager as needed.

Required Skills:

Computer: Outlook,Excel, Primavera, Blue Beam Studio, Adobe Workshop, Fabtrol, Fabtrol Pro.


Other: Strong communication skills, ability to multi-task, effective time management, basic drafting skills, solid understanding of construction & fabrication methods, good technical writing skills and general scheduling skills.


Education Requirement: Bachelor’s Degree Engineering or Construction Management


Posted On: Thursday, May 21, 2020
Compensation: $70,000- $80,000

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