Sales Representative, Lawn/Turf Management

BraveView, Inc. - Atlanta, GA

This is a business development opportunity to sell turf/lawn care solutions to residential, commercial, and other targets that can benefit from the offered services. The list of services includes the following:

Lawn Care, Aeration & Overseeding, Bed Weed Control, Tree & Shrub Care, Fire Ant Control, Mole Control, Flea & Tick Control.

This person will be responsible for following up on leads as well as developing a target list of properties or owners to contact to discuss services. There will be a lot of door to door selling where they will need to scout neighborhoods where the company already has a strong presence. The idea is to leverage the brand awareness that is out there due to the marketing campaign, to ask for referrals, to sell on service versus price, and to identify opportunities to up-sell services.

Job Qualifications

  1. Must be self-motivated.
  2. Must have good organizational skills.
  3. Must possess good written and communication skills.
  4. Must be able to write legibly.
  5. Must have a valid driver's license.
  6. Must have dependable transportation.
  7. Must be able to navigate with a GPS to locate service addresses.

Job Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Must learn and be familiar with lawn care programs.
  2. Must learn and be familiar with the Tree/Shrub program and additional services.
  3. Must learn and be familiar with grass types and weeds.
  4. Through the use of the Sales Training Guide, employee will develop an effective sales pitch and learn techniques to establish customer relationships.
  5. Will meet or exceed weekly sales expectations outlined in the Training Manual.
  6. Will do same-day follow-up on all leads received. 
  7. Will follow-up on all proposals presented to the customer in a systematic manner. This will include calling on the customer during the evening hours.
  8. Sales person will always try to make appointments to meet with the customer to perform an inspection, prepare an estimate, and make a person-to-person presentation.
  9. Must network with associations and community organizations and events.
  10. Shall continually seek out new ways to secure business and increase revenue.
  11. Shall stay abreast of competitive challenges, pricing, and new products.
  12. Will seek to find new customers by clover-leafing, door knocking, asking for referrals, and any other lead source, especially when there is the time between sales calls.
  13. Will be actively involved in lead development at all times.
  14. Shall have the capability to deal with difficult persons and situations without taking it personally or allowing it to affect the next call.
  15. Shall continually strengthen ties with current customers to secure additional business by upselling services.
  16.  Sales person will call on all “Gave Estimate – Not Sold” accounts to make another attempt to sell our services.
  17. Sales person will call on all customer cancellations in order to “Re-Sell” service.
  18.  Shall attempt to “Save” any and all cancellations.
  19. Attend all technical training meetings to stay abreast of changes.
  20.  Shall be available to the office at all times from 7am to 6pm
  21. Shall have all paperwork filled out completely and turned in first thing each morning by 8:30 am.
  22. Sales person will always conduct themselves according to the guidelines in the Sales Training Manual.
  23. Will promote good customer relations at all times through proper communication, quality image, and integrity.
  24. Shall be Friendly
  25. Will always be punctual to work and to the customer's house for appointments.
  26. Observe dress codes as established by the company and outlined in the Sales Training Manual.
  27. Shall perform any other duties as deemed necessary by management.





Posted On: Thursday, January 7, 2021

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