Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Research Scientist (Ph.D. Candidates!)

CardinalHire - Austin, TX

Our client is an AI research startup company that is focused on the hard problems that enterprises have. Today, most North American organizations haven’t managed to deploy AI in production yet. The key reasons behind this include incomplete and noisy datasets, the exorbitant cost of finding, hiring and retaining the esoteric talent required to put an AI/ML system in production, and the black-box nature of neural-net based AI/ML models that sometimes result in predictions that can’t be explained easily and may introduce bias. We are working on a number of research areas to address these issues. Our research will be packaged into easy-to-use pay-as-you-go cloud service(s) that will be accessible to all enterprises later this year. In the meantime, we are partnering with a few select organizations who want early access to our research, to apply it to the problems they currently have. You can always apply for an invitation to get early access.


We are looking for a Machine Learning/Deep Learning Research Scientist to join our stealth startup and help us build a cutting edge cloud AI service. You will come up with new techniques in unsupervised learning, dataset augmentation and deep reinforcement learning that can be applied to automating various parts of the AI development workflow. Ideal candidates would be able to rapidly iterate on new ideas with engineers, potentially publish at top conferences, and have code writing ability. As an initial member of the founding team, you get to own a significant chunk of the company, shape its culture and work on state-of-the-art science and technology.

General Requirements

  • Ph.D. REQUIRED, preferably in Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning
  • Knowledgable in deep reinforcement learning and deep neural networks
  • Published papers in the field
  • Experienced researcher
  • Strong AI background


  • Write code
  • Publish at top conferences
  • Iterate on new ideas with engineers
  • Automate various parts of the AI development workflow
  • Come up with new techniques in unsupervised learning, dataset augmentation, and deep reinforcement learning

Preferred Skills

  • Previous research
  • Published papers

Posted On: Thursday, September 26, 2019

Position Contact
Daniel Parrillo
Director of Sales and Marketing
(415) 816-3874
San Francisco, CA

A recruiting manager and talent acquisition professional with over 20 years of experience recruiting in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Completed my second bachelor's degree in information systems, complimenting an MBA degree. Continually building professional network and candidate pipeline of software engineers and technical talent via social recruiting strategies, networking, attending local technical MeetUp presentations and conferences,

I host and moderate four major LinkedIn communities: Eclipse, Ruby-on-Rails, Java User Group[JUG], and Bay Area Technical Recruiters Society [BATRS]) and contribute and promote many other software engineering MeetUp events, foundations, ecosystems, and online communities.

With the belief that we should use technology to prove ROI, status, and productivity of recruiting strategy, I am very experienced with applicant tracking systems and related reports that allow hiring principles to view the status of submittals and job requirements via a real-time cloud-based application. My experience includes recruiting for immediate job requirements as well as generating career interest from passive candidates in order to generate a pipeline of qualified technical talent.

I have the ability and knowledge to contribute and participate in programming communities hosted by Microsoft (MDN), Oracle Technology Network, Google’s Code, Microstrategy, and others - because I am NOT perceived as a "headhunter" or recruiter... - I'm a software engineer and I leverage this status for purposes of developing a pipeline of passive candidates and individuals interested in leveraging introductions into professional business relationships that will last careers (not just immediate employment or business needs.)

Specialties: Technical Recruiting and Human Resource Services - specializing in staffing strategies, employer branding, and resource augmentation for start-up software and web services companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley

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