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Senior Process Engineer

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Senior Process Engineer - Ridgecrest, CA


Customer is a large chemical processing company with a couple of plants. The position is key part of the site-wide engineering team working on manufacturing process, materials handling, chemical processing and manufacturing, process improvement and development and much more!



  • 70% in-plant working with operations, production engineers, maintenance, etc, process development, etc.
  • 30% design, metallurgical (material and thermal) balances, design improvements for piping, pressure vessels, etc.
  • Use of quantitative continuous improvement systems such as Lean, Six-Sigma, “modified” systems, etc, to isolate issues (i.e. root cause analysis) and work through solutions.
  • Has worked with and can incorporate a PSM program into process improvements, designs, developments, etc.
  • Absolutely at home working in a plant, a lab/pilot plant, office.
  • Ingrained practice of always working with an ever-improvement safety program
  • Working with solids/salts, liquids, filter products, pipes, power, etc
  • At home training operations personnel, mentoring junior engineers, being mentored/trained by others, etc.
  • Yes – there is training! You are not expected to have all of this in your bailiwick!



  • Required: engineering degree – chemical engineering, perhaps chemistry, (if process oriented) or similar.
  • Experience working in plants! This is not a desk-focused job; must have some years of experience working in an operating facility with attendant benefits, challenges and conditions.
  • Required: At least 5 years of experience in applicable chemical, minerals/mining, industrial (with liquid and solid), etc.  More is good! Compensation will go up with experience
  • Must be able to both currently work in the U.S. and not need a visa of any kind to continue to do so.


    Salary based on experience - but approx. $100,000 - $125,000, bonus, relocation available.


Posted On: Friday, October 14, 2022

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