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Analytical Chemist

Catalyst Recruiting Inc. - West Jordan, UT

A chemical company near Salt Lake City needs an analytical chemist to manage all laboratory analyses in a section of their operation.

Basically, the position is running a small analytical laboratory while backed-up by a larger company laboratory.

  • Perform trace (environmental laboratory-level) analyses on water:
    • Appropriate sample preservation and digestion for trace metals analysis
    • Analysis of samples via ICP-OES
    • Running appropriate reference material, quality control checks, etc
  • Standard analysis for various anions in aqueous samples
  • Trace analysis for contaminants in high-concentration process intermediates:
    • Digestion of high percent solids metals-rich materials
    • Appropriate method analysis via AAS, ICP, etc
  • Not run high concentration and trace analysis samples anywhere near one another!
  • Work with operations, environmental, engineering on sample analysis and timely data reporting
  • Extensive work with the larger company lab to back one another up, checks, etc.
  • Responsible for the safety program in this satellite laboratory: you will have backup from more experienced site personnel, the other lab, EHS.



  • Degree in chemistry or a similar 4-year technical degree
  • 5+ years of experience work with chemical analysis, analytical instrumental analysis, etc
  • Familiar with high-concentration (i.e. product/materials) analysis as well as trace
  • MUST know how to operate and ICP – from method development through reporting.
  • Must know why aqua regia must not be applied liberally to your face
  • Completely comfortable working 100% of the time within a solid safety framework – and stopping work if something indicates an uncontrolled hazard

Competitive salary, extraordinary benefits!

Some relocation may be available.

Posted On: Tuesday, May 5, 2020
Compensation: Over $75,000

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