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Catalyst Recruiting Inc. - Portland, OR

Plant Manager - Near Portland, OR

A modest-size green-energy chemical/oil refining company needs a site manager for a plant near Portland, Oregon. This profitable facility has the opening as the incumbent is going to a corporate position; this will be a friendly transition!

Key parts of the position: managing all aspects of the operation from production to people to efficiency to environmental and…safety! Person does not need to be a technical wiz in refining; there is good technical backup. Must be able to manage the operation, business-side, be innovative, etc. Read below….

Some responsibilities:

  1. Fully responsible/accountable for plant safety, operations, quality and compliance
  2. Management includes a real maintenance/reliability system (!).
  3. Budgeting, planning, development of forecasts and reporting to board of directors
  4. Work with site and company engineering for operational and CapEx project planning and expenditures.
  5. Manage a real continuous improvement program in plant and business-side.
  6. Work with all stakeholders: executive management, personnel, stockholders, regulators, neighbors.

 Requirements and desired:

Degree in appropriate engineering. Other degree is acceptable with enough experience

  1. Management of humans! Train, bring people opportunities and training, be a decent person that can listen, etc
  2. 5+ years in a senior plant or operational management-type role: managed technical, operational, business, budgeting aspects of an operating site.
  3. PSM!
  4. Must have experience in refining or a similar industry that works with as many as possible process similar to refining:
    • Distillation
    • Hydrotreating
    • FCC, etc
    • Blending/reactions
    • “hot” work
    • Petrochemical blending, piping, storage tanks
    • Experience working with appropriate EPA and (hopefully) state regulations (can train in state; there is an EHS manager)
  5. Continuous improvement experience in a refining/chemical/similar environment


Relocation available. Salary of over $130,000, very nice bonus, just plain nice and friendly place to work.

Posted On: Saturday, July 3, 2021

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