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Electrical Engineer

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Electrical Engineer (design)

Near Knoxville, TN

Note: not an automation position; this is a design/manufacturing position

A medium-sized operation of a global company needs an electrical engineer to be the key member of their engineering team working with design/manufacturing of gate arrays, some work with PCBs, analog/digital signal processing and more.

Absolutely key: Must know, understand, can design, can work with and program Flexible Programmable Gate Arrays!! If you cannot do this, you will not get the position.


As a note: they do not expect any one person to know all of this. There is a significant amount of training and mentoring that is available.

  1. Design, implement/validate products working with FPGA
  2. Design, implement/validate and work with on-board analog/digital processing and conversion.
  3. Prototype, test and implement new and/or improved designs and products
  4. Troubleshoot and improve existing products
  5. Working with and as part of the 3 person engineering team (electrical, mechanical, process engineers). Stress: it’s a team of three peers.
  6. Work with technical marketing, manufacturing engineers, customers services, etc, to deal with product issues, improve capabilities, etc.


(in order of importance):

  1. Degree in electrical engineering. Or convince me if another engineering will work.
  2. FPGA experience – board level design, programming, implementation. REQUIRED!
  3. Circuit simulation and modeling required: Modelsim is ideal, but can train into it if you are working with one of the other programs
  4. Some experience with embedded systems.
  5. Digital/analog power and signal switching, conversion, amplification
  6. PCB design/optimization in the context of a small and specialized product
  7. Must be able to work in a (clean) manufacturing operation as well as do design work.
  8. Must be in the U.S. (perhaps in Mexico or Canada). Will not work with people on other continents.
  9. Visa status: TN visa is ok; will consider H1b conversion. Probably cannot do a full H1b sponsorship

Salary is $85,000 - $107,000, relocation assistance available.

Free extra-large bag of Cheetos.

Posted On: Wednesday, November 24, 2021
Compensation: 85,000 - 115,000

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