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Environmental Engineer

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Environmental Engineer

Ridgecrest, CA

Our client needs an experienced environmental engineer with a heavy focus on Water, Waste, WWTP, RCRA, etc, issues  to lead the environmental side of their EHS program at their borates/salts operation. The position reports to the site EHS director. A lot of regulatory work – but more work in-plant than it appears!

There are two processing operations and a power generation station on-site as well as large brine extraction, discharge of injection locations. Products: borates, carbonates, bicarbonates, chlorides, etc.

Upshot: input brine and power, produce salts, waste/depleted brine, emissions, etc.


  • Coordinate and manage requirements of the US EPA and California EPA. Without pulling your hair out.
    • Permitting/documentation and similar:
    • Technical lead for TRI, RCRA reporting, Cal Dept Env reporting, permits, WWTP reporting
    • Work on revisions as needed for underground injection well permits, TRI, discharge (or, no-discharge) requirements, etc
    • HAZWOPPER plans and training
  • Key part of site EHS training program
  • Engineering and in-operation work:
    • In-plant process and program audits
    • Identification of the causes of issues and potential issues (i.e. root cause analysis) with site engineering, operations management, etc, teams.
    • Design and implement solutions for issues with the same teams.
    • Manage the stack (and other) air sampling programs

Qualifications/skills, etc 

  • Degree in appropriate engineering – environmental, chemical, etc.
  • At least 3 years in analogous industry: Petroleum E&P if it includes processing, refining, power production, heavy industry such as sugar processing, various starch and food ingredients, trona/soda ash, mineral processing/mining, related areas of phosphates, urea, DAP, MAP, fertilizers, /ureaDAP
  • A fair bit of experience with enviro regs!!!!! Cal-Osha would be awesome!
  • Have worked with things like RCRA regs, NPDES, Hazmat, etc.
  • MUST be willing and able to work in an active and spread-out operation!


Salary is $90,000 - $100,000-ish, bonus, relocation


Posted On: Friday, June 3, 2022

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