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Senior Process Engineer

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Senior Process Engineer, Green River, WY

A large mineral/chemical company needs a senior capital project engineer (chemical process engineer) to manage multiple projects, small and large, across multiple plant areas, as a senior part of the site engineering team.

The position:

  • Work in a complex plant with multiple areas of production plus a cogen
  • Manage multiple capital projects, some quite large, both a manager and managing project managers
  • Support plants as the senior plant process engineer
  • Work with colleagues, the senior chemist, electrical engineer, maintenance manager, EHS director, etc, throughout the site
  • Mentor junior engineers
  • Extensive work with PHAs
  • Troubleshooting processes in-plant
  • Quantitative analysis – heat and mass balances, thermodynamics, etc
  • Basic development – in lab and pilot – of new processes and process improvements
  • Process improvement/continuous improvement throughout plants
  • Full analysis of processes and plant – efficiency, effectiveness, economics, quality, etc


  • At least a 4-year degree in chemical (or very similar) engineering.
  • At least 5 years of experience in process engineering and project management
  • Formal Lean, Six Sigma, or other quantitative process improvement program needed.
  • Black Belt – great!
  • Must be experienced in a major plant setting – so chemicals, minerals, fertilizer/phosphates. Inorganics a better fit than polymers and the like
  • Able to work in and around an active plant
  • A decent human being! Must be personable, nice to work with, etc!
  • Must not need, now or at any point in the future, a visa (if you need a TN, email me)

Salary is definitely over $120,000 (more experience = higher salary), bonus and relocation available



Posted On: Monday, April 3, 2023

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