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Quality Assurance Manager

Santa Barbara, CA


A manufacturer of high-end electromechanical/electromagnetic devices is looking for a quality manager (or engineer) to work through their organization – from supplier to product delivery – to manage the quality system. Their products are delivered all over the world.


The person, working with engineering, operations and sales, will manage a small team, managing the quality of incoming materials/parts, the entire manufacturing process, and the quality of the product.


There is some training, so an expert in this field is not needed. Just someone knowing precision manufacturing in a electrical parts, acoustics, speakers, infotainment and similar.


Bilingual English/Spanish is a HUGE plus!!!!


Some specifics:


  1. Develop and maintain a sustainable quality system from bottom up. People in the organization do care about their product. However, consistent quality systems are needed for success


  2. Manage a team of 5 in supplier, production/manufacturing, and final product quality areas


  3. Using formal root cause analysis, “root out” offending areas or components of the system that might cause quality issues and address the people, parts or system


  4. Working with your team (and other teams in the plant) to propose quantitatively supported solutions for issues. Then follow-through.


  5. Work via meticulous data collection, analysis, etc, to have a foundation for quality work




  1. Probably needs an appropriate degree in a technical field like engineering.


  2. 2+. Years in quality engineering in a technical and precision manufacturing field


  3. Bilingual English/Spanish – at least enough to work with a workforce with a lot of Spanish-speakers – is an outstanding ability!


  4. Meticulous, personable, and problem-solving type


  5. A nice person! No people that are grouchy, authoritarian, wishy-washy, or responsibility dodging weasels and would go well on the program “The Office”.


  6. Able to work in the U.S. legally. Someone eligible for a NAFTA/TN visa (i.e. citizen of Mexico) can probably be considered eligible for this position. Otherwise, person must be legally able to work in the U.S. without other visas.


Salary range is $80,000 - $110,000, bonus, benefits


Posted On: Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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