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Senior Mechanical Engineer

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A manufacturing/processing company needs a senior mechanical engineer // project manager in Ridgecrest, California. This person is senior part of the central engineering team.


Plants are chemical processing, power generation. Liquids and solids; not petrochem.


This is a large company undergoing significant expansions and upgrades. The engineer will manage many aspects of the expansion; internally managed, working with EPC or other contractors/subcontractors, working in the plant, doing design work.


There is a junior engineer or two under the position, other members of the engineering team as colleagues, ops and management as backup. Plus several very interesting career paths to take as things go on. This is a regular/full-time position, NOT contract.


Some specifics (experience with more is better; there I some ability to train)


  • Work with major CapEx, operational, classic maintenance/reliability, turnaround projects
  • Fully manage major projects:
  • Concept and design (with/without assistance)
  • Managed and complete classic mechanical engineering activities such as stress analysis, technical designs/models, etc
  • Work with site teams to spec appropriate technology, identify scope/s, equipment, etc.
  • Budget estimates, manage budgets, reporting of status
  • More….
  • Fully manage and coordinate with plant managers, maintenance managers, etc, for short and long-term goals
  • Ensure all work is done in compliance with various laws, regs, standards


· Work in-plant and across plants as a mechanical engineering expert in multiple projects and areas in cooperation with site engineering and management


  • Commissioning of both small and large projects, improvement and similar


  • Always work with the site HSE director, HSE engineer in the team, other similar personnel throughout all processes.


Some skills and requirements:

  • Degree in Mechanical engineering
  • At least 3- 5 years of experience in applicable processing plant such as mineral processing, trona/soda ash, borates, gas processing (i.e. sour gas), phosphates/fertilizer, salts, specialty metals, etc. This in addition to other experience
  • Experience working in/around operating plants
  • Experience doing applicable design and project management (in at least 6-figure range)
  • Classic modeling software, stats
  • Must be a nice person to work with!


Salary is $100,000 - $130,000, bonus, relocation

Posted On: Friday, November 11, 2022
Compensation: 100,000 - 130,000

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