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Reliability Engineer

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 Reliability / Mechanical Integrity Engineer

Greenville, NC


A large chemical company is looking for an experienced mechanical engineer to manage a site-wide mechanical integrity program, integrate reliability program and more.

This is a non-trivial strategic and central role upon which multiple departments rely.

  • Site Mechanical Integrity Program:
    • Classic PSM-based program with fixed-equipment such as valving, pressure vessels, piping, etc
    • Miscellaneous MI program - with rails, materials handling, “hot” equipment/gearing, sizing, etc
    • Integrate MI program into site-wide PSM program plus other site-specific safety protocol.
    • MOC program
  • Reliability Program:
    • Extensive work with rotating equipment such as pumps, motors, environmental systems, gearing, etc.
    • Management of standard NDT, vibration analysis, oil testing, etc
    • Coordinate and manage (with maintenance/reliability personnel) destructive testing, quality of product and parts analysis and so forth.
    • Lead numerous PSM-based mechanical engineering, MI and project-based initiatives; coordinate with maintenance, ops, safety personnel
  • Work with site and corporate operations, engineering, maintenance/reliability, PSM and safety to improve, implement and document an improving integrated MI program



  • BS in mechanical engineering
  • Must have 5+ years in maintenance, reliability, MI, etc, in a PSM-based plant
  • Extensive knowledge of safety! Examples that might apply: OSHA, PSM/RMP, MSHA will be similar.
  • RCM, TPM, continuous improvement, etc
  • Must like cheeseburgers or possibly tater tots.
  • Citizen/Resident of U.S.



Posted On: Friday, May 22, 2020
Compensation: Over $100,000

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