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Laboratory Technician

Catalyst Recruiting Inc. - Gary, IN

Laboratory Technician  – Near Gary, Indiana.

Our client is looking for someone to work in a development laboratory working in the area of development and applications of catalyst formulations and application methods

Person: either an junior chemist or non-degreed technical person that runs instrumentation and works in lab/pilot plant  as noted below. 

There is training. Just, PLEASE, know ICP to a decent degree.

The position works closely with the the R&D Chemist and Technology Director

  • Instrumental analysis of various solutions, substrates, catalyst products, etc
  • Operation of XRF and ICP (and other) instrumentation:
  • Sample prep - digestions, cutting, sampling, etc
  • Data acquisition, processing, dissemination
  • Work extensively with senior research chemist, technology director, company engineering


  • Decent understanding of inorganic chemistry, slurry processing, instrumental/elemental analysis, ceramics and metals
  • degree - 4 year or technical; appropriate combination of education and experience
  • Has worked in an instrumental analysis lab with XRF and ICP background
  • Personable and effective individual and chemist that can do the technical work and then communicate effective as well as work well with, people!

Experience with the hazardous material inherent in a lab situation; experienced working safely with such materials.

Salary: Approximately $40,000 or hourly at approximately $20/hr.

Posted On: Tuesday, May 25, 2021
Compensation: $40,000.00

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