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Senior Electrical Engineer

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Electrical Engineer – Design

Knoxville, TN


This is a design electrical engineer, NOT automation

High-tech low-volume, high-precision manufacturing company near Knoxville, TN, needs a degreed electrical engineer experienced in the design (and improvement) of complex semiconductor/microprocessor-based signal detection and amplification products.

Customer manufactures high-tech detectors for government and industry. Specialized detectors that measure light, radiation (i.e. photons!) as an input, generating amplified digital signals that can be sent various end uses.

Design/development of sensors that product a multiple-channel analog signals and must output discrete digital signals for processing

  1. Design/develop components for processing of analog and digital signals
  2. Design prototypes of (electrical portion) of assemblies and product units involving interconnected processors, PCBs, feeds to various amplifiers. Pretty exacting stuff.
  3. Works with a small team that includes a senior mechanical, software and manufacturing engineer, plus junior engineers, in the design/manufacturing process

Experience/skills (as many as possible)

  1. Digital circuit design – microprocessors, field programmable gate arrays
  2. Understand inputs of very weak analog
  3. Integration of software and hardware
  4. Some analog circuits: signal amplifiers, phase-locked loops/signal filters, analog/digital converters, more.
  5. Digital signal processing – to feed to external information management systems
  6. Precision voltage and current measurement (and matching)


Education and other


  1. Electrical engineering degree – at least BS; probably higher
  2. At least 5 years in an appropriate and applicable component design and manufacturing role
  3. Must work with design, lab and manufacturing. They are right next to one another. Not an isolated at-desk kind of position.
  4. Be able to design and work with extremely precise and delicate components and instrumentation – AND work with other humans in a decent manner!!

CITIZENSHIP/RESIDENCY/VISA: must not need a visa now or in the future. Potentially Canadian or Mexican citizens ok. Otherwise, must be in the U.S. Questions? Email me:


Salary: Pretty unique position. Over $100k, relocation. Still working on it.


Posted On: Thursday, September 2, 2021
Compensation: 1000,000 -130,000

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