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Research Chemist

Catalyst Recruiting Inc. - Gary, IN

Research Chemist – Near Gary, Indiana.


 Our client is looking for a chemist to work in the area of development and applications of catalyst formulations and application methods for a large manufacturer of catalytic emissions treatment systems.

 Position is in the lab/pilot area for the company.

Short version: design testing and piloting programs for catalyst-based emission control materials.

The position works closely with the Technology Director; so general knowledge of analysis, formulation, chemistry, process is necessary – to do:

Development of new catalyst formulations given general guidelines.


  • Design bench-top and then pilot experiments and tests for new or altered washcoats and process methods for substrates to reach given objectives of performance, costs, methods, etc.
  • Formulation, performance testing bench-top and pilot, analytical testing
  • Extensive work with engineering, ops personnel, etc, in implementation, testing, scale-up, etc,


  • Ensure proper analytical work is completed on raw materials through product: testing – metals, physical testing, anions/cations, etc.
  • Perform instrumental analyses (XRF, ICP, etc) and/or work with a junior chemist/tech to effect those analyses
  • Characterization and testing of raw substrates and performance of substrates post-coating.
  • Responsible for day-to-day laboratory safety program
  • Documentation of methods, new processes/changes to processes, steps, etc. Able to use or put together SOPs.


  • Good understanding of inorganic chemistry, slurry processing, instrumental/elemental analysis, ceramics and metals
  • 4 year degree in chemistry (or very similar)
  • Has worked in lab (necessary!) and plant (would be good to understand production)
  • Personable and effective individual and chemist that can do the technical work and then communicate effective as well as work well with, people!
  • Able to work in an industrial plant setting

Salary: Approximately $55,000 - $65,000, bonus, etc. Excellent benefits.



Posted On: Thursday, March 11, 2021
Compensation: $60,000.00

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