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Senior Process Chemist

Catalyst Recruiting Inc. - Green River, WY

Senior Process Chemist

A large producer of mineral/chemical (salts) products in west-central Wyoming needs an experienced process chemist (or potentially engineer) to lead all efforts dealing with how the plant is making (or not making) quality products, how to address such issues, analysis of chemical processes on economics, training and much more.


This is a senior strategic position at the company’s operations in Wyoming. Will do a lot of work in-plant, not as a desk-jockey.

This is a “friendly replacement”; incumbent will be there to bring a person up over a significant amount of time.


  • Development of new, and improvement of existing, processes in the manufacture of existing and new products
  • Work with customers regarding products; work with plant and R&D to ensure products are made per spec
  • Bench and pilot testing of proposed improvements or development of new processes and/or products
  • Lead/manage support to plants in all matters dealing with chemistry.
  • Troubleshooting the chemistry side of how/where product issues might arise. Root cause analysis. Extensive work with colleagues in engineering and ops management
  • Example: look at equipment corrosion issues and how that might affect product (process) chemistry. This involves:
  • Thermodynamic analysis of conditions withing the process areas (remember P-chem!
  • Full understanding of how or what undesirable materials might enter the process streams affecting the products or how that might affect equipment integrity
  • Extensive work with maintenance/reliability, engineering and ops to address issues
  • Manage junior chemists, engineers and techs – some directly, some indirectly
  • Extensive training process, product, ops, etc, in chemistry-related areas
  • Part of the senior safety management team – working with multiple site PHA, JHA, MOC, etc.


Must have/preferred:

  • Degree in chemistry and/or chemical engineering
  • At least 5-10 years of applicable chemical or mineral plant experience.
  • Six Sigma is great!
  • Senior level: manage process, economics of processes, etc
  • Willing and able to work in a couple of large rather diverse plants with rotating equipment, hot, cold, confined, etc, conditions. And….it’s windy!
  • No need for visa or sponsorship – exception of those needing TN or E3 visas.


Salary is highly competitive: $120,000 or more, bonus, relocation.

Posted On: Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Compensation: $130,000 minimum

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