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Test Engineer – radiation detectors

Oak Ridge, TN




A company that manufactures and services radiation detectors needs an engineer or scientist to lead multiple technical/scientific efforts in their integrated operation. They have integrated design/manufacturing/service operations on site. They manufacture a whole line of different radiation detectors, cryo-cooling units, and many parts and assemblies for current, legacy and custom units.


The position works with electromechanical, electrical/signal processing; HPGe (look it up!) an optical sensors, all sorts of frequency, current/voltage, etc, manipulation and similar systems. This engineer/scientist will become the “the spider in the center of the web”,


Some Specifics

(no one knows all of this; more the better. There is training for a lot of it)


  • Design/assisting in the designing of, custom solutions for customers needing equipment or assemblies that are not “off the shelf”
  • In charge of quoting specialty orders of equipment and services
  • Bench analysis and data interpretation of data for system and sub-systems
  • Use various testing equipment – oscilloscopes, various software, test sensors,
  • Use of the brains of various humans like senior engineers, ops, engineering group, design group, etc, to get work done
  • Work with the (generally quite technical) customers


Must have/need/want


  • A four-year degree in electrical or mechanical engineering, physics, or some similar combination and some experience
  • Potentially an appropriate technical degree and more experience
  • 1 – 5 years of experience in the field or similar electro-mechanical, electro-optical or analog/digital signal processing. Aptitude more important than years of experience
  • Some experience with modeling software. Solidworks is preferred
  • Experience with radiation detectors
  • Analog/digital circuitry – design, troubleshooting, otherwise working with
  • Must be willing and able to work safety and effectively in a high-end manufacturing plant
  • U.S. Citizen/resident (ITAR)
  • Must be a nice, articulate and otherwise decent person that is pleasant to work with!


Salary: quite a range depending on the person’s experience.

Posted On: Tuesday, January 24, 2023

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