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Chemist - Industrial/manufacturing

Our client is looking for two chemists to work in their central research and applications lab. The work is in materials processing, inorganic/metals chemistry, some analytical (elemental) chemistry.

Short version: working with a small team formulating and testing novel formulations of various metal/metal oxide/inorganic materials slurries for reaction and application to various substrates for catalysis. Materials science/processing.

There is plenty of training. You are not expected to know all of the stuff below!!

(Two positions - one more technical/analytical, one more chemist/process-oriented). 


  • Setting-up plus some designing of lab/bench experiments and testing of new catalyst mixes
  • Ensuring work is properly documented for others to use.
  • Doing some work with scale-up
  • Many types of materials processing - dry, milling, slurrying, mixing, measurement of properties, etc. Inorganic work, not a petrochem kind of thing


  • Set-up lab, bench, pilot scale tests
  • Perform instrumental analyses (XRF, ICP, etc) and similar instrumental or physical analysis of samples, products, in-process samples, etc. Needed for one of the positions.
  • Sample prep, analytical reporting, SOP documentation, etc.
  • Ensure you work within the site safety program as well as the "common sense program" to avoid and prevent problems!


  • Good understanding of as much as possible of inorganic chemistry, slurry processing, instrumental/elemental analysis, ceramics and metals, sample prep, testing set-up, etc
  • Two positions: one more "analytical chemistry" than the other. 
  • Has worked in lab (necessary!) and some plant or applications experience
  • Personable and effective individual.
  • Able to work in an industrial plant setting

Salary: Approximately $40k - 65k; depends on your experience. Excellent benefits.

Posted On: Monday, May 24, 2021

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