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Catalyst Engineer – Near Gary, Indiana.

Our client is looking for a chemical engineer to work in the area of applications and manufacturing of catalyst formulations and application methods for a large manufacturer of catalytic emissions treatment systems.

Position is based in the lab/pilot area adjacent to manufacturing in a large plant.

Short version: design testing and piloting programs for catalyst-based emission control materials plus working with engineering and ops on implementation.

Must already know something of catalysis!

Development of new catalyst formulations given general guidelines.

  1. Concurrently work with development/optimization of manufacturing and application of the catalyst formulations to substrates
  2. Work with continuous improvement systems to includes extensive work with chemists, technology director, engineering, ops. part of the continuous improvement program.
  3. Designing of lab testing - elemental analysis, general chemical and physical testing, etc. Work with analytical chemist and tech. Ideally back up analysis at some point.



  1. Degree in chemical engineering, materials science/engineering, chemistry, etc.
  2. Some decent understanding of catalysis and solids + slurry processing. Focus on inorganics.
  3. 2 years (or more) experience
  4. Has worked in an applications lab, plant, piloting, etc. Not strictly research.
  5. Personable and effective individual! You'll need to work with technical issues and humans!
  6. Able to work safely and effectively in an industrial plant setting


Salary: Approximately $60,000 - $80,000 or so, bonus, etc. Excellent benefits.

(relocation assistance available if needed)

Posted On: Tuesday, July 20, 2021

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