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Analytical Chemist

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Analytical Chemist position - at a chemical operation near Tuscaloosa.

 This is a position for someone that wants to work with a very wide range analytical methods, matrices and reasons for doing the analytical work in the first place!

 Backgrounds: Enviro analysis types, oil/petrochem product analysis, ASTM/quality analytical chemists - various industries that can be oily; probably not pharmaceuticals - unless  you don't mind it being industrial, not clean-room stuff.

 The job:


  • Management of hourly personnel plus, potentially entry-level chemists
  • Driver for work:

>EPA/compliance work

>Testing of feedstocks, process samples and final products

>ASTM testing protocol, methods. Be part of ASTM testing programs

  • Instrumental quantitative analysis: GC, FTIR, ICP, IC
  • Physical/similar: distillation/fractionation, flash point, density, insol, specific gravity and multiple others
  • Set-up, maintenance, calibration of laboratory equipment
  • Method development - either method-specific or matrix specific and checked against standards.
  • Obviously work with a LIMS system! Understanding automated data transfer, interfaces, etc, to some degree needed. Won't use cuneiform tablets and carrier pigeon!
  • You are not expected to know all of this! There is plenty of backup so you can pick up what you don't know.




  • U.S. citizen or residency. No visas including no OPT.
  • A degree in chemistry.
  • 5+ years with instrumental analytical chemistry in a chemical/petrochem/heavy industry environment. EPA experience is great, but cannot be only enviro-types
  • Would rather train a great person in some of the work than have a drone that can do the methods.
  • Extremely well-versed in the safe operation of a lab. Why don't you clean an HF spill with your sleeve? What do you use an eye wash station for?


Excellent compensation (really) and can relocate.


Interested? Apply!


Posted On: Monday, May 11, 2020
Compensation: Over $75,000

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