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Process Engineer

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Metallurgical Engineer-Near Salt Lake City, UT

A company involved in smelting/melting and casting metals needs a process engineer.

This position works with a combination of process work (continuous improvement, manufacturing systems, systems audits), quality - looking at melt and cast metals for quality and composition, relating it to process and improvement. Also works as Improvement Engineer throughout the plant. Melting and casting knowledge and experience necessary!


  • Most important: work in and around a place that melts metal, has a very stringent safety system, and has a complex set of inputs/outputs. Must be someone at home as a "work in a plant" person
  • Metallurgical accounting, energy balances, safety/production/efficiency coordination and mutual optimization
  • As process engineer, you will work with ops, production engineers, supervisors, quality, senior management, R&D, etc. Pretty awesome spot - you'll learn it all.
  • Must like multi-tasking and being willing/able to work in multiple areas and subjects (see above). So - not someone with a super narrow focus.
  • A LOT of work with QA; making the process right before the melting - pretty good idea!
  • Define and lead continuous improvement projects
  • Work with and train-in junior engineers and production engineers


  • Required: engineering degree – metallurgy, chem-e, mechanical, materials science and engineering, similar.
  • Experience with molten metal!! Foundry, smelter, secondary metals recovery, etc.
  • Experience with something high temperature I might not have thought of, feel free to apply.
  • Required: 5 years of experience. More is good! Compensation can go up with experience
  • Must be able to both currently work in the U.S. and not need a visa of any kind to continue to do so.

Salary based on experience - but $80,000 - $110,000, relo assistance available.


Posted On: Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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