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Senior Mechanical Engineer

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Senior Mechanical Engineer

(Near Knoxville)

A high-tech semiconductor-based manufacturing operation, part of a large company, needs a senior mechanical engineer to lead their program of design/redesign of truly unique radiation and energy sensors. Some parts are cryo-cooled; a key area of this position.


Position is mechanical design, prototyping, testing, scale-up and existing product improvement. A combination of mechanical engineering, thermodynamics, physics, materials science and patience!


The company manufactures semiconductor components and ancillary signal processing part and assemblies, generally used in spectroscopy – CCDs, radiation detectors, CMOS, etc.


  • Adept at (or familiar as possible with) cryostat cooling in semiconductor sensor (or similar) manufacturing. Unique skill! Needed....
  • Design of new products, particularly casings and parts, that can work both in and out of a very low temperature environment. Or both at the same time....
  • Evaluate existing and new designs and parts, as well as fully develop new parts/assemblies working with complex physical, chemical, thermodynamic conditions
  • Work with process engineering, R&D and ops (and technical marketing) to prototype and manufacture assemblies.
  • Implement metrics for an assembly's reliability, then track failure modes to figure out how to fix issues.


  • Experience with cryo-cooling and cryostats.
  • Experience in manufacturing of aforementioned semiconductor-based radiation detectors, CCDs, CMOSs, X-ray detectors, perhaps MRI components
  • 10+ years of applicable experience
  • Probably need at least an MS in engineering for this.
  • Able to use Solidworks well (or similar and can cross-train).
  • Must be able to work with a team of colleagues! There is simply too much difficult stuff to do to be a lone wolf or a "leader".
  • Excellent personality – must like and enjoy working with the entire group of humans making the unique assemblies!


(relocation available. Salary approximately $100,000 - $130,000 +/-. It is pretty flexible.)

Posted On: Tuesday, July 20, 2021

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