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About Child and Family Services:


Child & Family Services (C&FS) is a leader in the WNY community, providing support and services aimed at improving the lives of children, families, and individuals. With a commitment to be a catalyst for growth, prosperity, and sustainability, C&FS recognizes the challenges of today, and the need for change in order to deliver viable, responsive, and meaningful services into the future. C&FS is a multifaceted organization offering programs for individual and family counseling, foster care and adoption, domestic violence prevention and support, conflict resolution services, employee assistance, education (Stanley G. Falk School), and residential services.

The Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) is a strategic leader who is responsible for developing and executing human resource best practices and strategies in support of the overall strategic direction of the organization. By providing overall administration and leadership to the Human Resources Department team, the position ensures that the department advances Child & Family Services’ efforts to be a high-performance organization that has a skilled, engaged workforce and inclusive culture and that the organization complies with all applicable federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations. The position is based in Buffalo, NY, reports to the CEO and serves on the Senior Leadership Team, and directly supervises HR team members at both the organization and Stanley G. Falk School.


The Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) will be a seasoned HR leader with significant experience leading, strategizing, overseeing, and implementing HR strategies, systems, and processes for C&FS, the Stanley G. Falk School, and other organizations for which HR services are provided under contract. They will work alongside the Senior Leadership Team driving the vision and strategy, built on a strong foundation of accessibility, responsiveness, community support, and inclusion. The CHRO is a key member of the Senior Leadership Team working to build the necessary talent, systems, and culture to support the Mission and strategy and optimize industry and organizational opportunities.

The successful candidate will have a strong, relatable, executive presence, with a collaborative, personable, and supportive leadership style. They will be agile with the ability to craft innovative solutions to complex human resources initiatives and challenges, while having a respect and appreciation for the organization’s success, traditions, and history.

Key competencies include:

  • Executive-Level HR Leadership
  • Talent Acquisition, Retention & Development
  • Mission-Driven
  • Inclusive & Supportive Leadership Style

The CHRO has 7 direct reports:

  • Two HR Generalists
  • Talent Management Leader (Stanley G. Falk School)
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • HR Coordinator
  • HRIS Manager
  • HR Assistant

Organization Overview:

  • Total Revenue - $50 million*
  • Total employees- 650*
  • Number of clients/individuals served- 11,000* annually


Executive-Level HR Leadership

The ideal C&FS CHRO will have extensive senior level HR experience leading, designing, and implementing effective HR strategies with a strong focus on compliance. This individual will have the ability to navigate a wide range of complex and varying HR challenges throughout C&FS and its partner organizations. In order to address these challenges, the CHRO will need to be a strategic thinker with a high level of emotional intelligence, balancing the objectives of the organization, with the needs of the employees and clients. The CHRO will accomplish this by:

  • Establishing a consultative, positive, proactive relationship with the senior leadership, their team & the C&FS community.
  • Partnering with the Senior Leadership Team to drive strategic and thoughtful organizational growth and organizational design.
  • Ensuring that the HR department supports the Organization's strategic and business plans.
  • Working collaboratively with other departments to develop, promote, and implement consistent HR-related policies, procedures, and systems across all programs and the Stanley G. Falk School.
  • Leading and evaluating the HR department for continual improvement and, as necessary, making recommendations regarding the restructuring of HR team members and functions.
  • Creating, recommending and implementing changes in human resources policies, procedures, systems, and/or programs.
  • Participating in Senior Leadership Team meetings and providing reports and updates as necessary.
  • Attending and participating in Board of Directors’ meetings and preparing reports and presentations to the Board as needed.
  • Modeling and practicing sensitivity, fair treatment and acceptance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in all interpersonal interactions.
  • Monitoring and assuring compliance with all applicable federal, state and local statutes, regulations and ordinances in the areas of labor and employment.
  • Ensuring that HR responds properly and timely to all audits, reviews, inquiries, and subpoenas.
  • Participating and contributing to the organization’s QA and corporate compliance programs.
  • Overseeing special HR projects, including but not limited to, the implementation and on-going administration of the HR/payroll information system, learning management system and other projects as needed.

Talent Acquisition, Retention & Development

In a continual effort to promote an employee-centric culture, the CHRO will be a highly skilled talent acquisition and leadership development specialist with the capability to design and implement innovative recruitment and development strategies, to attract, retain, and promote a highly effective workforce. They will work across the organization with C&FS and their partners to ensure leaders and their team members have the resources they need to provide the highest quality service to their clients. The CHRO will accomplish this by ensuring the effective operation of HR functions in all areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Recruitment and retention; onboarding; coaching and feedback; compensation and benefits; human resources policies; workers’ compensation; document retention and destruction; and the HR/payroll information and learning management systems.
  • Creating HR metrics to measure success of people functions including, but not limited to, engagement, retention, development, training and recruitment.
  • Developing and maintaining a comprehensive approach to employee engagement and culture by refining compensation and benefits, career paths and development, succession planning, and learning opportunities.
  • Proactively managing resource allocation and maintaining a competitive approach to recruiting and retaining high-potential talent.
  • Creating a leadership development strategy, identifying/engaging LD resources, and ensuring team members are equipped to lead and grow with the organization.

Mission-Driven, Inclusive & Supportive Leadership Style

The CHRO will be a key contributor to the advancement of the organization’s mission and values with a strong affinity to serving others, a dedication to strengthening families, and a focus on promoting the well- being of children and will ensure that the Mission is incorporated into all HR initiatives. All activities of the CHRO will further the organization’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts, and align with the employee created DEI Statement: Within our agency and in the communities that we serve, C&FS is committed to diversity and inclusion with race equity at the center. Every day we work to promote safety, health, and wellness. We will not stop until Black, Indigenous and People of Color are free from racism and experience peace, prosperity and well-being. In order to accomplish this, the CHRO will:

  • Continue to drive the agency’s commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive culture for their team members and clients.
  • Have a supportive and consultative leadership style, offering their HR expertise and insights across all levels of the organization, either directly or indirectly through other members of the HR team.
  • Expand upon and support C&FS’s employee-centric culture to ensure team members will be engaged, equipped, and prepared to provide the highest-level of service to the clients of C&FS.
  • Work collaboratively across all levels of the organization to ensure all stakeholders can share feedback and contribute to larger organizational initiatives.


  • Senior level HR leadership experience with demonstrated ability to design and implement innovative talent strategies to achieve organizational objectives
  • Progressive HR experience, including department leadership assignments with demonstrable results
  • Experience & understanding of all applicable federal, state and local statutes, regulations and ordinances in the areas of labor and employment
  • Relevant educational background with demonstrated commitment to continuous learning and development
  • Experience working with diverse populations to create equity and inclusion and achieve common goals
  • Experience working in a non-profit organization and the field of human services helpful but not required
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment and make decisions in a manner consistent with the agency’s objectives and policies
  • Ability to present and promote HR initiatives and programs with all levels within the agency, including senior management
  • Ability to lead employees and outside consultants/vendors to achieve positive agency results
  • Self-starter with the ability to work independently
  • Strong interpersonal, coaching, and conflict resolution skills
  • High level of emotional intelligence
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Highly organized
  • Valid New York State driver’s license



Our Mission: to strengthen families and promote the well-being of children through prevention, intervention, education, and advocacy.


Safe and healthy children, families, and communities.


As an organization, we believe that:


Is strengthened by ensuring that children and families attain their full potential. Benefits from the affirmation and celebration of diversity.


Are the foundation of a strong community and are essential to a healthy society. Have the right to raise children in a safe and nurturing environment.

Every child and adult

  • Has inherent worth and dignity.
  • Has the right to a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Has the right to adequate food, clothing, shelter, and education.
  • Has the ability to change.


  • Have a responsibility to fulfill the C&FS mission.
  • Have a responsibility to clients and coworkers to behave ethically, responsibly, and professionally, respecting the inherent worth and dignity of others.
  • Have the right to work in a clean and safe environment.
  • Should receive fair and adequate monetary compensation and be recognized for their work.
  • Must work together to create a workplace that practices clear communication, participation, innovation, collaboration, and mutual respect.


  • Have the right to prompt attention and to ethical, high-quality services delivered at a reasonable cost.
  • Deserve our utmost respect.



With a wide range of programs, Child & Family Services is ready to assist anyone in need.

For more than 149 years, Child & Family Services has dedicated its resources to helping individuals and families in Western New York lead healthy and joyful lives. Today, Child & Family Services offers a variety of programs and services that provide support and resources to thousands of individuals each year, regardless of age, gender, race, creed, or economic status. By helping individuals and families develop the skills needed to build bright futures, we are also helping to build a stronger, healthier community.

Programs and services include:

  • Counseling
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Foster Care
  • Domestic Violence Help
  • Family Support Services
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Special Education (Stanley G. Falk School)
  • Residential Services

Program Highlight: Stanley G. Falk School

The Stanley G. Falk School is an affiliate of C&FS and its largest program, supporting the special education needs of 45 school districts and employing almost half of the C&FS workforce. This NYS approved private 853 school develops the leadership skills, social-emotional skills, and academic skills necessary to prepare students in kindergarten through high school for success. The Superintendent of the Stanley G. Falk School is a member of the C&FS Senior Leadership Team and a peer of the CHRO.

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Posted On: Monday, May 16, 2022

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