Vice President of Housing Programs

Belmont Housing Resources for WNY - Buffalo, NY

The Opportunity

Belmont Housing Resources for WNY is a highly respected nonprofit organization in the Western New York Community. As an advocate and provider of affordable housing opportunities, Belmont serves over 15,000 low-income houses annually through their Section 8 (HUD) programs and other initiatives. The leadership team and staff are dedicated to providing assistance and opportunities for individuals and families to find and maintain safe and affordable homes. Affordable and accessible housing not only helps to strengthen families but builds stronger communities. Belmont is committed to expanding affordable housing opportunities through new construction and the adaptive reuse of existing structures, as well as empowering individuals with the education and counseling they need to find affordable rental opportunities, buy a home, understand financial management, prevent foreclosure, understand reverse mortgages, learn best practices in home maintenance, energy efficiency, and keep their homes healthy and safe.

The Vice President of Housing Programs is an essential member of the Belmont executive leadership team reporting directly to the President, working collaboratively with the Senior Management Team, and under broad guidance from the Board of Directors. This position is responsible for the overall administration and management of Belmont’s affordable housing and housing counseling programs, ensuring alignment with strategic priorities, government regulations, and organizational objectives in support of individuals and families. The successful candidate will lead with integrity, providing strategic and operational oversight to ensure programs are administered seamlessly and successfully while at the same time working with the leadership team to create a culture of caring, learning, problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership.

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Position Overview

The Vice President of Housing Programs must be a mission-oriented and operationally focused leader. Ensuring Belmont accomplishes its mission, the VP will lead the housing programs department to continuously evaluate outcomes, develop systems and processes to increase efficiencies, and provide leadership development opportunities to ensure their team is equipped to meet the needs of the individuals and families they serve. A track record of success leading and managing large programs is also essential. Key competencies include:

  • Mission Driven
  • Relationship-Oriented/Collaborative
  • Leadership & Management
  • Strategic Oversight & Operational Excellence

The VP of Housing Programs reports to the President of Belmont Housing Resources and is a member of the Senior Leadership Team. The VP has 7 direct reports and oversees the largest department in the agency with 50+ employees.

Direct reports include the following positions:

  • Senior Housing Manager
  • 3 Housing Managers
  • Inspections Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Office Clerk

Mission-Driven Leader

The successful candidate will be experienced in organization-wide leadership and program management with a passion for the mission, community-focused decision-making style, and a customer-centric mindset. The ability to understand the opportunities and challenges non-profit organizations face when it comes to funding, programming, and government regulations will serve this leader well. To do this, the VP will:

  • Lead with Belmont’s Mission and Vision consistently prioritized and in focus.
  • Work to create opportunities for people to obtain affordable housing and gain the knowledge necessary to sustain safe & healthy homes.
  • Understand the WNY housing market and the needs of the client and community to ensure Belmont has the programs and resources necessary to support them.
  • Work alongside the leadership team to consistently communicate the purpose of the organization to prospective funders, team members, partners, and other relevant constituents
  • Establish transparent and regular communication with constituents at all levels, with the mission and vision of Belmont at the forefront.
  • Have a commitment and passion for the clients Belmont serves.

Collaborative Relationship-Builder

The Vice President will be an integral part of Belmont and the WNY community and will utilize their relationships, and market knowledge to establish partnerships and accomplish organizational objectives that will further the mission of the organization. They will continuously build upon their understanding of the needs of low-income individuals, families and communities to help secure safe and affordable housing opportunities for those in need. In order to do so the VP will:

  • Collaborate with President and Senior Leadership Team to represent Belmont in the community.
    • Be a partner & influencer in order to forge new partnerships and strengthen existing ones to enhance and increase access to critically needed resources.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with clients, regulatory agencies, governmental representatives, partners, vendors, contractors, banks, professionals, and individuals within the housing profession that assist the company in meeting its goals and objectives.
  • Understand the dynamics of the local, regional, and national environments, and uses this knowledge to meet the needs of our community.
    • Maintain a culture of trust and respect amongst the housing programs department team.
    • Establish relationships/partnerships across Belmont amongst the leadership team, employees, Board, and constituents, in order to build teams, manage conflict, and promote an engaged and inclusive culture.
    • Work collaboratively and maintain open lines of communication and cooperative working relationships with the Board, employees, and community.
    • Promote cross-functional collaboration.
    • Together with the Senior Leadership Team, work to find innovative approaches and funding sources for new programs that support the organization’s mission.

    Leadership & Management

    As a key member of the Belmont leadership team and a manager of the largest department in the agency, the VP will be responsible for ensuring the housing department’s managers and employees are highly qualified and well-equipped to meet the specialized needs of the individuals, families, and community in which they serve. The Vice President will provide their team with continuous opportunities for development and will work alongside the President and Senior Leadership Team to attract and retain the most dedicated and qualified human services professionals. In order to do this, the successful candidate will:

    • Work with the Senior Leadership Team and HR to maintain an environment to attract and retain a highly motivated staff, develop future leadership, and provide guidance for effective recruitment and retention initiatives.
    • Oversee the housing department management team and day-to-day operations.
    • Lead a staff of skilled housing experts and advocates to ensure clients are provided with effective and accessible services.
    • Build cohesive teams across the housing department that engage the ideas of people with diverse skillsets and backgrounds at all levels to problem solve.
    • Together with the Senior Leadership team, cultivate a culture of employee empowerment and encourage innovation throughout the organization.
    • Be entrepreneurial, self-motivated, independent and results oriented with the ability to motivate and engage direct and indirect team members and stakeholders.
    • Practice resilience in the face of challenges with a focus on leading with quality and providing innovative programs that will have a positive impact on individuals, families, and the community.
    • Work with managers to set performance scales and ensure consistent implementation of performance evaluation.
    • Assure professional development opportunities are provided to housing department managers and staff.
    • Provide coaching and mentoring to direct reports and ensure that they do the same with their teams.
    • Operate with transparency and accountability at the Board and staff level.
    • Create an environment where employees feel free to respond creatively, offer innovative ideas, and take calculated risks.

    Strategic Oversight & Operational Excellence

    The Vice President will work alongside the President and the Belmont Senior Leadership Team to drive the overall strategy and future vision for the organization. This includes ensuring the necessary talent, systems, and culture are in place enabling Belmont to accomplish their mission. The VP will support a culture of problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership resulting in ongoing improvement throughout the organization. They will focus on the clients’ and communities’ needs, keeping the employees positive and empowered. To do this, the VP will:

    • Work with leadership and key staff to further the agency’s mission by participating in strategy and direction setting, identifying and prioritizing areas for improvement, assisting project teams with scope definition, and encouraging best practice change management.
    • Contribute to productive functioning of the Executive Team to create strong, collaborative, and inclusive leadership across the agency.
    • Plan and lead delivery of programs and services in accordance with Belmont’s mission, vision, and program goals.
    • Oversee programming and program managers and work collaboratively with staff to support high performance.
    • Develop, coordinate, prepare, and oversee implementation of systems and processes to support agency initiatives designed to improve operations and administrative functions.
    • Provide support and guidance to program managers with specific programmatic, logistical, and leadership issues and opportunities.
    • Lead staff to develop and implement continuous improvement framework to assess strengths of programs and areas for improvement, and identify new program needs
    • Provide on-going program and development including preparing funding applications, implementing regulations, and maintaining relationship with HUD and contract agencies.
    • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations governing the department’s activities.
    • Review analyses of activities, costs, operations, and forecast data to determine department progress toward goals and objectives.
    • Respond quickly to changing environments, situations, responsibilities, expectations, trends, strategies and other processes.
    • Drive initiatives in the management team and organizationally that contribute to long-term operational excellence.


    • Bachelor's degree required; Master's degree preferred
    • 5-7 years of leadership experience required; non-profit leadership preferred
    • Organization-wide program leadership/management experience required
    • Experience and understanding of housing markets, multi-family housing and/or affordable housing preferred
    • Knowledge of Section 8 (HUD) housing regulations preferred
    • Demonstrated capacity for collaboration, performing multiple tasks, analyzing complex processes, and using independent judgment.
    • Experience working with government agencies and regulatory bodies.
    • Demonstrated track record of leading a team towards a common goal and specific objectives
    • Knowledge of low-income community needs; sensitivity to community issues; sound decision making ability.
    • Experience training and developing managers and employees and providing the tools and resources necessary for success.
    • Demonstrated excellence in written and verbal communication
    • Strong leadership ability
    • Excellent interpersonal skills
    • Motivational leadership style
    • Emotional intelligence and a collaborative spirit
    • Extensive project management skills with ability to prioritize work and set clear goals for self
    • Experience leading and managing a multi-generational workforce.
    • Experience working successfully in racially and ethnically diverse environments.
      • Proficient and up to date with current computer and technical skills to effectively communicate, lead, and manage (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Video Conferencing, Database Software etc.).

      Posted On: Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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