Offensive Cyber Weapon Officer

Clear Ridge Defense - Hampton, VA

Clear Ridge Defense is seeking TS/SCI cleared professionals to serve as Offensive Cyber Weapon Officers in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Roles and Responsibilities

You will...

  • Directly support HQ ACC.
  • Provide at least monthly briefings to branch leadership on the status of all open requirements for OCO mission systems
  • Monitor performance of OCO mission systems and operations crews and identify positive/negative trends and the ability of current systems to meet mission needs.
  • Identify, deficiencies impacting operations or system performance.
  • Prepare briefings, position papers, background papers, talking papers, and other products for government employees to use in advocating solutions to operational requirements or mission system and/or crew deficiencies.
  • Capture, clarify, validate, and ensure completeness of OCO mission system requirements for delivery to A5/2K for solution resourcing.
  • As part of the OCO Weapon System Team track and attend A5/2K meetings, working groups, etc., in which OCO mission systems require representation and ensure system development efforts meet requirements, fielding is synchronized with operational tempo, receiving units are postured to incorporate and employ new capabilities as efficiently as possible, and the formal training unit is postured and resources to implement initial qualification training on new capabilities.
  • Coordinate on the sufficiency of operational test activities supporting the fielding of new systems or modifications/upgrades to existing systems. Make recommendations to branch leadership to improve testing where planned, or on going testing, is insufficient to assess whether or not the performance of a system meets operational requirements. Monitor developmental testing and operational testing activities in close coordination with A5/2K, the PMO, and testing squadrons.
  • Coordinate on, and make recommendations to leadership, on whether or not to accept a fielding recommendation based on the results of completed testing.
  • Create Integrated Master Schedules through creating project schedules for work that must be done to organize forces, develop and implement training for them, and present them and merging them with those of a program office developing the capability(ies) those forces with receive and be trained to employ. If the program office does not produce a delivery schedule, coordinate to capture relevant development tasks for documentation on the IMS.
  • Provide periodic, as determined by leadership, updates on the status of work specified in each IMS for each capability development effort.


You possess...

  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  • A Top Secret clearance with SCI.
  • Bachelors’ degree in computer science, computer engineering, or cybersecurity, OR 5 years’ experience conducting penetration testing against commercial or government entities OR 5 years offensive cyberspace operations experience in the military. Masters’ degree in one of the above listed programs preferred.
  • Minimum of two (2) years' experience with Air Force NAF, MAJCOM, HAF, USCYBERCOM, and/or joint staff functions. Preferably within the J/A3 or J/A5 directorate.
  • Working knowledge of Project Management either in government or corporate settings.
  • Experience and working knowledge of Department of Defense
  • Ability in Atlassian products such as Confluence and JIRA
  • Knowledge of United States Government (USG) program requirements principles, directives, methodologies, and approaches used in developing, managing, conducting, and tracking system requirements and policy and guidance.
  • Knowledge of United States Government (USG) cyberspace training principles, directives, methodologies, and approaches used in developing, managing, and conducting training programs and events.
  • Knowledge agile IT system development principles and methodologies, to include but not limited to the Scaled Agile Framework
  • Understand how operational offensive cyber missions are planned and executed across each mission system.
  • Knowledge of MITRE ATT&CK or similar hacking methodologies framework
  • Be able to articulate the process used to execute initial access operations to gain entry into computer and network systems both remote and locally. To include but not limited to remote techniques such as Man-on-the-Side, Man-in-the-Middle, and target-triggered (e.g. phishing).
  • Articulate processes hacker use to execute code and run commands on target systems environments, paired with tactics, techniques, and procedures tactics to steal data, affect data or systems, and maneuver through a network
  • Describe various process for maintaining persistence within a network
  • Articulate privilege escalation tactics, techniques and procedures
  • Understand and be able to discuss concepts for evading network defenses to include, but not limited to evading endpoint security software, Windows and common Linux operating system security features, logging (local and remote), network detection and prevention systems, web proxies, and e-mail gateways.
  • Be able to discuss harvesting and cracking various types of credentials
  • Understand how hackers conduct reconnaissance of target networks for initial access planning and lateral movement within a network
  • Articulate tactics, techniques and procedures for lateral movement in a network.
  • Describe TTPs hackers use to remain anonymous if their activity is detected.
  • Understand and describe a broad level of command and control techniques used to operate malicious software embedded in targeted networks and systems.
  • Describe tactics, techniques and procedure for exfiltrating data from a network.
  • Be able to apply knowledge of gaining and maintaining unauthorized and unnoticed access to computer systems, networks and systems attached to them to assist in the development, maintenance, and execution of training programs and systems used to train operations crews to conduct those activities from fielded mission systems to a specified level of proficiency.


  • Leadership experience

Additional Information

Come learn how we take care of our team, and why we were ranked Inc. 5000 Magazine’s #140 Fastest Growing Company nationwide – ranking #5 in Maryland and #7 in Government Services! And see how we were ranked a 2021 Top Workplace by the Baltimore Sun!

Clear Ridge Defense is the premier service solutions provider supporting the Service and Joint cyberspace operations and intelligence community in three core areas of expertise:

  • Cyber Systems & Software Engineering

  • Cyber Intelligence & Operations Planning

  • Security Risk Analysis, Mitigation & Training

All delivered by highly talented and focused team members that are supported by an unmatched professional and family-oriented culture that leverages and builds on sound, proven principles.

Benefits Snapshot:

  • 100% Fully-Covered Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

  • 100% Fully-Covered Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance

  • 100% Fully-Covered Life and AD&D Insurance

  • Unique Flexible PTO

  • 11 Paid Federal Holidays

  • $500 New Uniform Bonus for Transitioning Military

  • Monthly Tax-Free Cell Phone Stipend

  • Monthly Tax-Free Gym Wellness / Streaming Subscription Stipend to include Amazon Prime, Netflix, Audible, etc.

  • Competitive 401k Matching to plan for retirement

  • Free financial advising from qualified experts

  • Annual $5,000 Training Allotment

  • One-of-a-kind Referral Program: $5,000 per referral OR $250/mo indefinitely, with no limit to number of referrals

  • Business Development and Client Expansion Bonuses

  • Monthly Company-Paid Socials and Events

  • Access to our Company Swag Store

Posted On: Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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