The Consortium, Inc.

Administrative Assistant - Financial Docs, Landlord/Tenant, Legal

The Consortium, Inc. - Washington, DC

The ideal candidate must be able to make independent decisions regarding grant guidance; able to understand and interpret the federal grant eligibility. Candidates should have experience in investigation, specifically relating to the procurement of client financial documents, property leases, rent ledgers and utility bills on behalf of LCE clients. Familiarity with landlord and tenant practice is ideal. Candidates must possess a familiarity with Microsoft Office programs and must have good written and verbal communication skills, and good mathematical skills. Familiarity and experience administering federal, state, and local projects and /or Department of Treasury landlord / homeowner/renter assistance programs is a plus.

1. Responsible for assisting LCE clients with completion of STAY DC online application process; make independent decisions regarding STAY DC grant guidance; interpret federal grant eligibility for LCE clients; procure LCE client documents required for completion of STAY DC applications.

2. Performs investigative work, such as gathering records and documents necessary to the completion of STAY DC applications.

3. Responsible for communicating with LCE staff regarding the status, updates, changes and implementation of the STAY DC program rules and processes.

4. Communicates with LCE attorneys and social work staff regarding the status of STAY DC applications for respective LCE clients.

5. Responsible for maintaining accurate, contemporaneous, complete records and notes in the case management system concerning cases handled for clients with STAY DC applications including tasks such as: case reporting, case notes, case closures, grant reporting, and timekeeping.

Posted On: Monday, September 27, 2021
Compensation: $18.00/hr

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