Sales Director

CorTalent - Minneapolis, MN, United States

Opportunity Overview:

We have been retained by one of the leading quality management solutions companies in the US. As a privately held business, this business thrives on building partnerships through a relationship and full solutions-based approach. By collaborating with clients and understanding how they measure success, they are able to tailor the software and hardware solutions to meet requirements. They aim to drive results without disruption of the organization. This business is seeking a Sales Leader to mentor and develop the current sales staff. Someone with proven expertise leading and developing sales people and enjoys continuous improvement and efficiencies is what we are seeking. If you are eager to contribute to an innovative business at a leadership level, we want to speak with you!



  • Do you enjoy continuous improvement and creating sales process efficiencies?
  • Do you mentor and develop sales people to grow their career and the needs of the business?
  • Are you entrepreneurial and thrive on making your mark on an organization?


Required Skills:

  • Seasoned sales management experience (minimum of 3-5 years with demonstrated success meeting sales goals and growing sales) strongly preferred
  • Proven skills in selling in the hardware and SaaS is a plus, with experience in Large Strategic accounts is ideal
  • Bachelor degree preferred
  • PC proficiency (Microsoft Office suite) required
  • Experience with CRM systems beneficial


Position Responsibilities:

  • Captures changes to sales process, listening to the customer and leveraging his/her knowledge of the offer to appropriately differentiate and match company solutions to customer needs
  • Understanding of best practices in sales in order to build the system and tools needed to support sales (uncovering the “secret sauce for selling the business”)
  • Creating sales initiatives that will drive the sales team to accomplish goals
  • Create a system that allows for accurate forecasting and predictable results
  • Overcoming challenges (internal and external) that may be harboring sales team success
  • Knows where “it’s” working (type, profile, identification and execution) in order to explore additional opportunities
  • Ability to mentor and develop reps early in their careers (including empathy for where they are at in their journey and the work it will take to become seasoned and successful)
  • Assesses sales team including making staffing hiring/firing recommendations and changes where needed
  • Communicates and execute sales initiatives for the sales team that aligns with company goals
  • Holds sales reps accountable for:
    • Daily, monthly, quarterly activities and expectations
    • Following a defined Sales Process
    • Using sales methodology and selling skills
    • Maximizing the CRM System
  • Demonstrates proficiency and ability to teach and coach sales reps, specifically what it means to:
    • Understand the customer needs and match to company offerings
    • Maintain a pulse of on-going activities, successes and challenges
    • Increasing sales per organization by identifying and responding to the needs of our clients
    • Proactively manage customer satisfaction
    • Create interest and urgency with all decision makers
  • Engages in 1:1 meetings (including listening to calls, ride-alongs, and demos) with salespeople to develop skills and to manage performance
  • Demonstrates compliance with business processes by:
    • Following the defined Sales Process
    • Consistently forecasting a sales pipeline with sufficient activities planned to achieve sales team revenue and profitability goals
    • Proactively communicating unexpected increases or decreases in demand for products and services
  • Establishes a consistent rhythm of meetings and activities in which the sales organization works including:
    • Sales process and reporting
    • Activity expectations
    • Routine meetings (1:1’s, group, training, forecasting, management reporting)
    • Systems such as CRM, proposals, forecasting, etc.
    • Rewards and incentives (both monetary and non-monetary)
    • Key measures including annual goals and monthly milestones
    • Expense management and expectations
  • Strong sales planning skills (ability to create a strategic sales plan that will drive the team to hit their goal)
  • Use of data to monitor progress and make adjustments (knowledge of what to measure and regular reporting and tracking of leading and lagging indicators)
  • Submitting reports to the Senior Management Team on a timely basis, with an effective overview of progress towards goals, key milestones accomplished, challenges as they arise
  • Independently works within the Company’s guidelines to get things done
  • Demonstrates understanding of how the Company’s business operates including strategy, profitability and operations
  • Supports the consistent implementation of company initiatives
  • Provides regular, open and transparent communications with senior management regarding successes, challenges and changes
  • Stays aligned with senior management on goals, strategies, processes and key decisions
  • Remains current on customer preferences and options, by attending meetings, shows and/or conferences
  • Present professional image at all times in appearance, communications, and interactions

Posted On: Monday, November 4, 2019

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