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CorTalent - Maple Grove, MN

CorTalent has been retained by the largest manufacturer of widebelt sanders in America. With more than 70 years of experience and a huge customer base both here and worldwide, the company provides a total package to customers with technical solutions, international production, extensive application knowledge and unmatched after-sales support. This is all brought about by a dedicated team with a sharp focus on quality and customer satisfaction.


The company has recently made several leadership changes that have catapulted its growth. One the major areas of investment is the sales and marketing team. Work with an incredible VP of Sales and Marketing in this role as the lead marketer who will take the reins and help transform the marketing department to share a compelling story to its customers (not just feature/benefit focused) and help evangelize the focus on customer experience as it relates to current and future products.

Role description:

As the Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for all aspects of marketing within the organization including branding, marketing plan implementation, budgeting, research and analysis, advertising and promotional strategies to create external awareness of organization as well as all supporting product collateral information via print, web or other media formats. Internal responsibilities include all aspects of marketing infrastructure for sales channel communication and support. Duties also include long range planning and strategies for organization.


This role requires frequent contact with other departments and external vendors such as customer service, sales, operations, product engineering, distribution channel(s), ad agency and customers to assure customer and corporate goals and expectations are met.




· Responsible for prioritizing and directing the detailed development, branding and publication of all product support documentation for external use by distribution channel and customers via print, web, tradeshows and other media means.

· Direct, negotiate and coordinate with external support resources the materials or services necessary for advertising, press releases, editorial, printing and web development.

· Direct and collaborate with product managers, product engineering, sales, operations regarding new product development and prioritization to match objectives to available organization resources.

· Management the processing of all communication related to marketing activities to regional sales managers via CRM or appropriate means. Advertising leads, RFQ’s, contact us and custom products and on-line sales from website, etc.



· Direct, coordinate and design the current and future development of website structure, functionality and on-line store management in addition to daily maintenance requirements and website reference documentation.

· Create all final drawings / illustrations necessary for product support materials used in print, website and other media as needed.

· Direct, manage, create or edit all final brochures for print production as necessary.

· Manage technical support staff for custom products and other business units for the organization.

· Collaborate and work as necessary with Customer Service group to accurately represent products and monitor potential issues with materials used externally by customer such as literature, website and on-line credit card sales.

· Collaborate closely with sales to support domestic and international market development needs, pricing and strategy.



· Minimum five years of relevant industry experience in development of all aspects of marketing, communications, project management, education and training typically required to perform the duties of the position.

· Excellent attention to details as well as oral, written, interpersonal, and management skills on par with management peers.

· Strategic development and intimate working knowledge of the critical aspects of website development, maintenance and knowledge of current internet tactics and trends.

· Ability to conceive the development of strategic and tactical plans, budgets and schedules to accomplish corporate objectives.

· Demonstrate ability to manage multiple projects and conflicting priorities of both immediate and long term impact under a variety of conditions and constraints.

· Working knowledge to create/conduct email marketing , update website content (content management in WordPress, etc) and creation of basic marketing materials (Photoshop)

· Must be able to openly and professionally challenge any and all position that is contrary to the Corporate and Marketing Objectives.

· Occasionally required to work overtime and travel to meet the duties of position.

· Experience in Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, SalesForce CRM, PC platform and other typical office software and equipment.


Posted On: Sunday, November 3, 2019

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