Production Manager

CorTalent - Minnetonka, MN

Job Duties 

Staff Management

  • Supervising and managing all production and maintenance personnel.
  • Interviewing, hiring, and firing of department employees.
  • Conducting timely and fair performance appraisals for department personnel. This would include annual written reviews and also real-time constructive feedback on day to day issues.
  • Training department personnel.
  • Administering and following through on disciplinary issues including verbal and written documentation.
  • Coordinating needs for temporary workers with procurement department and recommending changes to staffing levels based on business needs.
  • Monitor and report schedules for vacation, time off, and overtime.


  • Responsible for meeting and exceeding production requirements and output.
  • Organize and assign job duties.
  • Establishing productions requirements for new ERP system and be involved with decisions relating to implementation.
  • Participate in implementation of barcoding system during ERP roll-out.
  • Tracking and Monitoring production output including, finished goods, work in process, and component assembly.
  • Coordinating deliveries from outside PCB assembly houses and other subcontractors with the procurement department.
  • Accountable for performance of entire production operation.
  • Monitor individual and work group performance.
  • Maintain high levels of productivity and quality in all of plant's activities.
  • Continuously searching for possible improvements and proposing necessary capital expenditures when appropriate.
  • Responsible for cost of manufacturing. This includes the use of labor, minimizing the generation of scrap, and employment of best practices.
  • Planning production to achieve maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Enforce "Standard Operating Procedures", Policies, Standards, and suggest new ones where appropriate.
  • Look for opportunities to use and create jigs, fixtures, and other methods to optimize production processes.


  • Report status of production department during daily morning production meeting with heads of all other departments.
  • Maintain daily updated totals of inventory targets.
  • Monitor supervisors and coordinate feedback to upper management about personnel reviews within production department.
  • Complete and return customer quality surveys as required, typically 1-2 per month.


  • Must be familiar with Quality concepts to monitor and improve manufacturing quality.
  • Train appropriate personnel in Quality concepts to recognize improvement opportunities.


  • Be aware of conditions of all machines and tools.
  • Assure that machines and tools are in optimal condition consistent with efficient output.
  • See that minor repairs are handled immediately and plan for major repairs.
  • Coordinate maintenance issues with facilities manager as appropriate.


  • Knows OSHA regulations that apply to production functions.
  • Responsible for OSHA compliance by all department personnel.
  • Fosters safety awareness by all department personnel.
  • Coordinate and facilitate activities of the safety committee.

General Requirements

  • Keep company executives informed, on a timely basis, of activities and actions that could affect decisions, profitability, planning, and performance etc.



  • Electronics manufacturing experience.
  • Bachelors Degree in an industrial field or at least five years experience in a supervisory capacity.
  • Should have supervisory training.
  • Must have good interpersonal skills and be a good communicator.
  • Must have good technical knowledge of all required processes.
  • Must be detail oriented
  • Team Player
  • Lead by example and be comfortable spending most time on production floor.

Posted On: Monday, September 30, 2019

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