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CorTalent - Detroit, MI

CorTalent is thrilled to partner with EOS® Worldwide to find their Director of Marketing to play a KEY role in the global expansion of the EOS® brand.


With over 16 years of history, 325 Professional EOS Implementers around the world, and more than 61,000 entrepreneurs and their companies using EOS Tools, the Entrepreneurial Operating System is proven to help entrepreneurs get consistently better results and live better lives. The power of EOS is that it is real world, simple and practical. There’s no theory or flavor of the month, no magic pills—just timeless, field-tested tools that work.


EOS Worldwide is a growing organization whose purpose is helping entrepreneurs live their ideal lives. Headquartered in SE Michigan, the company focuses its time and energy on two things:


  1. Sharing EOS with the people who own and run entrepreneurial companies
  2. Recruiting, training and supporting EOS Implementers – successful entrepreneurs who share our passion for helping entrepreneurs and have the skills, experience and drive to succeed


The Successful Candidate Must Share EOS Worldwide’s Vision and Core Values:

  • Passionate about helping entrepreneurs
  • Wants to make a difference in the world
  • Prefers simple, practical and proven to complex, abstract, and theoretical
  • Willing and able to be real, raw and vulnerable
  • Has an abundance mindset
  • Prefers equipping and empowering others vs. mandating, policing, controlling
  • Collaborates well. Wants results, not credit
  • Comfortable with change…but not for change’s sake. Wants to preserve and build on what works
  • Believes in EOS
  • Highly accountable
  • Effective working independently/remotely
  • Consistently exhibits these Core Values:
    • Humbly Confident
    • Grow or Die
    • Help First
    • Do the Right Thing
    • Do What You Say






Role Summary


The Director of Marketing will be a member of the EOS Worldwide Leadership Team. The successful candidate will be responsible for continuing to grow positive awareness of EOS around the world as well as driving revenue growth from all sources. She/he will lead the development and evolution of growth strategies, plans and tactics as well as evaluating and potentially forming strategic partnerships that fuel growth. The successful candidate will work collaborate closely with other EOSW leaders and team members to support EOS Worldwide’s continued consistent growth across its evolving omni-channel distribution environment.


Key Deliverables include the following:


  • Strengthen/grow the EOS brand worldwide
  • Drive Traction Library sales growth worldwide
  • Increase the EOS fanbase worldwide (content subscribers, followers, etc.)
  • Grow Base Camp membership worldwide (online resource center for EOS Implementers)
  • Grow the EOS Implementer Community by:
    • attracting interest from target market EOS Implementers around the world
    • filling the Boot Camper pipeline
    • helping Professional/Certified EOS Implementers market themselves and strengthen EOSW’s brand worldwide
  • Motivate end-users (clients) to rely on EOSW as the best place to find the right EOS Implementer (in the process serving community-members and increasing warm leads)
  • Support the launching/growth of regional EOS Implementer Communities worldwide
  • Carefully consider partnerships and alliances to achieve above results and – if established – manage those relationships


In this role you will:


  • Be a strong, collaborative leader who also needs to regularly get in the weeds and execute to drive results (think “player/coach”).


  • Locate, contract, manage and motivate the key marketing resources to expand capacity, increase innovation, adopt best practices and deliver outstanding results.


  • Lead the development of a marketing vision/strategy and iterative testing approach to determine how to attract consumers to the brand, engage them to interact with our product space and compel them to act and “convert” in an appropriate way through an evolving distribution environment.


  • Dramatically increase, test, and (when necessary) refine digital and non-digital marketing capabilities within the organization, socialize learnings and adjust accordingly to meet the desired growth goals.


  • Develop and implement integrated campaign strategies, touch plans and relevant content involving multiple marketing approaches (direct mail, email, live events, web, mobile, social, SEO, video, podcasts, webcasts, etc.) ensuring alignment and consistency with the EOS Worldwide brand and message.


  • Develop a data-driven approach to marketing campaigns that produces tangible results


Experience/Expertise of an Ideal Candidate:

  • Proven track record achieving growth goals
  • Extensive experience with content-driven marketing
  • Experience with global distribution of content/business model
  • Digital Marketing professional with a keen sense of desired future platforms/trends
  • Experience with non-traditional organizational structures/business models (e.g. licensing, franchising) preferred
  • Innovative and small company work environment experience preferred


Posted On: Friday, September 6, 2019

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