Manager of Customer Experience & Retention

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Manager of Customer Engagement & Retention


CorTalent has been retained by the largest and most-trusted news organization in the Midwest to add a key talent to their consumer marketing team.

This might be their most important hire of 2019.

You will have an opportunity to impact the way an organization thinks about customer engagement and customer retention.

Your work could impact millions of dollars of future revenue.

Excited to learn more?


The Opportunity:


The Manager of Customer Engagement & Retention will develop and manage strategies to engage customers from subscription start through onboarding and renewal cycles to optimize retention and improve revenue performance.


What are we looking for?


You are a cross-functional leader and collaborator. You love designing customer onboarding and retention programs. You probably have a history of digging into customer insights and data from across the business and turn that data into actionable insights that manifest into new service offerings, products or new processes.

You work closely with the business, digital, customer acquisition and customer service teams to gather data, benchmark performance, develop KPIs, execute programs and ensure priorities align across the business.


What does success look like?


We’re not looking for an overnight sensation. This work will take time and is not for the faint of heart. To be successful, you must have experience developing data-driven, customer-focused marketing strategies for engagement and retention in a subscription-based environment, and experience working across multiple marketing channels.

You should enjoy a fast-paced work environment, can manage multiple priorities, effectively collaborate with other teams to accomplish mutual goals, work well self-directed, and be proud to have your accomplishments measured to ensure program goals and financial targets are met.


Role & Responsibilities:

  • Create and nurture a culture of retention, championing best practices to stakeholders and putting renewed focus on customer engagement and satisfaction as a driver of the business
  • Identify and master the data required for success, and create a cadence of data-sharing to benefit stakeholders and drive decision-making
  • Develop and execute a subscriber onboarding strategy for print and digital customers to set the stage for our best long-term relationship with each customer
    • Create an appropriate onboarding communication stream for the critical post-acquisition phase
    • Develop targeted communications based on key customer segments
    • Grow engagement for new subscribers to maximize subscription value for the customer and improve retention
  • Create an engagement strategy for existing subscribers to improve satisfaction, maximize subscription value and improve retention
    • Develop strategies based on segment to drive digital customers to engage more frequently
    • Develop strategies based on segment to drive print customers to engage digitally
  • Manage renewal strategies to improve overall retention
    • Manage all business rules and communication related to billing/payment/renewal
    • Collaborate with internal departments to gain insight on cancel reasons
    • Develop strategies to save customers who contact us to cancel
  • Communicate with internal stakeholders on strategies, tactics and results
    • Create results reporting for all measurable tactics
    • Collaborate with News, Digital, Acquisition and Customer Service to gather data, gain insights on challenges and opportunities, notify stakeholders of upcoming plans, execute strategies and report results
    • Make informed recommendations about new product/features/services to influence retention


  • Desire (but open to other backgrounds) 5+ years of experience in B2C retention, preferably in a subscription-based environment. B2B is acceptable, too!
  • Solid understanding of B2C direct marketing, including retention and subscription KPIs, and marketing channels including direct mail, email, and digital.
  • Experience using data and analytics to create and manage successful retention and/or engagement campaigns
  • Creative thinking with the ability to develop effective consumer messaging
  • Working knowledge of and/or experience with Omniture and/or Tableau
  • Ability to work self-directed with excellent time management skills
  • Proven ability to manage people and processes to deliver on time results
  • BA in marketing, communications or related field preferred

Posted On: Monday, August 19, 2019

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